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The Legend of Pra Naang Sarm Piew..
The Princess with Lustrous Skin

Pra Jao Faang Udomsin and Pra Naang Sarm Piew were a father and daughter who centuries ago made up a ruling family of what is now known as Fang. While Pra Jao Faang Udomsin ruled there was freedom and stability for all his subjects.

The daughter grew to be a beauty known for her lustrous skin that was pale white in the morning, red in the afternoon and turned to soft pink in the evening. Her name Pra Naang Sarm Piew is translated as sarm meaning three and piew as skin or Three colors of skin.

The word of her beauty spread and brought disaster to the people of Faang. Pra Su Tho Tham Ma Racha, the king of Myanmar led his army to capture and possess the beautiful maiden. The people and army rose to defend the lovely maiden for three years. Then it was evident the people of Faang were suffering due to the long war and lack of food resources, The father and daughter decided to jump into a well to keep themselves from being prisoners and an end to the long war. When word of their deaths was received, Pra Su Tho Tham Ma Racha retreated his army back into Myanmar.

The well where the father and daughter plunged to their deaths still exists behind the monument of these historic figures. The location of the monument is near an interesting area of Faang where visitors can also see three temples representing the Thai Yai influence.

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