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Look good this summer, the easy way.

Keeping that youthful appearance just became easier for those of us who live in Chiangmai. You need go no further than AMORI HOLISTIC MEDICAL CLINIC and SPA at The Ring on Nimmanhaemin, Soi 17, to find the latest in dermatology and anti-aging services. Such cutting edge treatment used to be found only in Bangkok, but Dr. Patt Uttawichai has brought all the latest techniques and machines from Japan, Australia and the UK to our doorstep.

Dr. Patt comes from a family of dermatologists and is excited about her specialties, cosmetic dermatology and laser treatment. She has two years experience with the new YAG laser and IPL or intense pulsating light machine. Dr. Patt studied at Mahidol University Siriraj Hospital, and has a postgraduate degree in Practical Dermatology from The University of Wales College of Medicine. She furthered her dermatology studies in Australia and studied lasers in Japan. Besides her practice, she teaches dermatology and family medicine at Chiangmai University. Patients can also consult with Dr. Patt about all types of dermatologic problems and family medicine for all ages.

While women and men as young as 30 are already benefitting from the clinic’s services, AMORI’S offerings should be of particular interest to the over-fifty crowd. Restylane treatment is probably the fastest and simplest of cosmetic intervention targeting the area around the mouth, lines around the lips and the recalcitrant fold from nose to corner of mouth. One treatment will make a dramatic difference, lasting as long as a year. The average treatment and follow up cost 13,000 Baht.

Botox is the suggested treatment for the area around the eyes and the forehead, done in one treatment plus follow-up. Results are instant and dramatic and can last eight months or more. This is the treatment of choice for a special occasion, vacation, or photo shoot and will not be cost-prohibitive, 6,500 baht to 13,000 Baht depending upon where and how much Botox is used.

IPL, intense pulsating light treatment, is especially promising. After cleansing, special lotions are applied to the skin, including collagen and Thai pandanus leaf. A cool gel is applied and as the skin is warmed, the gel penetrates and new collagen growth is stimulated. The result is plumper, younger-looking skin. IPL is used for acne control as well as dermal rejuvenation. I had the opportunity to interview a good friend who is halfway through a series of five IPL treatments and she was enthusiastic, commenting on how relaxing and effective the treatments were. Her friends were beginning to ask about her brighter look and she was pleased that an old acquaintance had not recognized her with her improved appearance. The clinic is offering a special Summer Promotion reducing the cost of each IPL treatment to 799 Baht from the regular price of 1,500 Baht, good until the end of April.

Perhaps the most exciting of new treatments is the YAG laser with a top-of-the-line machine from Japan. This is the best treatment for dark spots on the hands and face and for broken capillaries. Age spots and broken capillaries will disappear completely in three to five treatments. The cost per treatment is 1,500 Baht with the sixth treatment free.

Another great summer pick-me-up would be a low cost facial mask. Choose from Seaweed, Mangosteen, Blackberry or Vitamin C for reducing wrinkles and brown spots and for brightening the skin, or try the Tumeric mask for whitening and brightening. The price per facial mask is 280 Baht.

The AMORI HOLISTIC MEDICAL CLINIC and SPA is the place to pamper yourself this summer, in their cool, attractive setting with attention by pleasant, well-trained staff. The cozy spa on the second floor is where one can relax and revive your spirit with detox program, aromatherapy oil and foot massage. Make your appointment at tel 053-895573. The Ring, Soi 17, Nimmanhemin Rd., (Closed on Tuesdays). Visit the branch Uttawichai Amori Clinic, Mae Rim Road. Tel. 053-297050.

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