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Lost and Found Stones of Beauty

Imagine yourself designing fabulous one of a kind jeweled rings worth millions of Baht. You have just returned to Bangkok from a successful business trip only to discover that one display case is missing. That really brings a sinking feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach, doesn’t it? That’s just what happened to a young Thai businessman about six months ago when he discovered one display case out of eight was missing after he had returned to Bangkok from a business trip to Chiang Mai. He was in such a state of shock, he did not even consider how he should report this very major loss.

Only a few days before he had brought eight boxes of beautifully designed rings to deliver and entice his private customers in Chiang Mai. Upon entering the guest room, his assistant helped him by placing all eight boxes in the  room safe before they had a meal together. As the rings were needed, they were taken from the boxes in the safe throughout his stay.

The next morning in his Bangkok home he recovered some composure he did phone the hotel in Chiang Mai to report the missing item. The manager and housekeeper checked the room and the safe but could not find the box. The guest thought to himself, what are the chances that the person who found the item happens to be honest. He mourned the inevitable fate.

About three months later, however, Ms. Sawanee Sririang, the housekeeper in the Kantary Hills Chiang Mai Hotel was giving a very thorough dusting inside each room safe on her duty floor. When she pushed the dusting cloth to the back of the safe, she felt something was lodged behind the shelf. She shined a flashlight and saw reflection of the silver locks on a small black case. She lifted the box out realizing in an instant, one of the hotel’s guests had somehow left behind an immensely valuable treasure. She thought how the person who lost it must be feeling miserable.

Immediately the housekeeper contacted Ms. Chalikorn Watcharausrang, the Operations Manager, to report that she had recovered this valuable merchandise. The Operations Manager informed Mr. Magrin Phromyothi, General Manager, of the found item who instructed reception to prepare a name list of all persons who had stayed in that room. That exercise certainly took a while to report six months of visitors who had occupied that room.

The results were 20 persons who had stayed in that room. Now the reception had to search among this list for who had phoned the hotel reporting their lost property. Again carefully going through the logbooks took a lot of time. Finally, after three months of searching  Mr. Witthikrit Phisitkul was identified as the guest who had phoned. The message perfectly described the found jewelry display box.

And that’s how the young entrepreneur, Mr. Witthikrit Phisitkul, flew to Chiang Mai to recover the Million Baht box of jeweled rings. Also on hand was the determined team of housekeeper, operations manager and general manager who informed the public of this great service by the Kantary Hills Chiang Mai Hotel. The owner gave a reward to the housekeeper for turning in the jewelry box. Ms. Sawanee Sririang said, “It's a real good feeling to hand the found item over to the person that lost it.”

With a big smile on is face, Mr. Witthikrit Phisitkul said, “It’s great to know that there are reliable trustworthy people in the world today. When one person does the right thing, the world becomes a better place for us. This is a good example that good things can happen even when you think all is lost. Generally we fail to realize how many good and honest people there are in the world around us.”

The good reputation of Kantary HIlls Hotel is based upon several  factors which should not be overlooked especially the sociable honest staff who are dedicated to do the best for their guests.

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