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Love Makes The World Go Round

WRIO RUSSELL believes that too often we are unhappily locking ourselves away in our egocentric cells and that we need to open up our hearts and minds to living with love. That way lies the peace and joy we yearn for.

A few of the romantic dishes served at Rattanakosin Thai Royal Cuisine Restaurant at Chiangrai Night Bazaar in Chiangrai City.

I watched the dog look up at his master and saw pure, unadulterated love. On another occasion, there was a mother cradling her baby and the look on her face told of total oneness and bliss. And there was Mother Theresa, and two young lovers walking down the street, and the therapist working on her client, and children playing together and so on and so on in every nook and cranny of our world love is beaming. God is love and love is God.

Love is the silken thread that ties up the bundles of every aspect of our living. Love, the pure power of love that makes the world go round in the way it should. Now, there is love and there is love, and the love we are talking about is unconditional love that emanates from a place deep within our hearts. It is the stream of pure divine goodness that flows from the being of those who have found the light of true living and who have no need of reasons for giving out their love. It is unconditional because it is pure. After all, who needs a reason for loving?

Yes, we live in a world that is out of tune with itself, driven by power, greed and fear, the unholy triumvirate, and the leadership of semiconscious barbarians (usually men!) who only partially, if at all, understand the true nature of being. And we live in square boxes with sharp edges instead of roundness and follow a calendar that is out of sync with nature and the lunar cycle. No wonder our dear world is in a mess. But let's not despair. You and I don't need to be like that. We are empowered to be in charge of our own lives and the way we live them radiates outwards to all those with whom we come into contact. That's great.

We can make a difference. And then out of acorns oak trees grow one becomes five and five becomes fifty and so on towards the critical mass that will change things for ever. And this can become the driving force for peace, a small stream growing into a flood of love as it flows naturally into every open heart. No battalions, no cruise missiles, no weapons of mass destruction, just the steady growth of small acorns of love spreading harmony and the way of peace through households and schools and offices and local communities and town councils and national parliaments until the Tower of Babel comes tumbling down and humanity finds its true way of living. We are each of us small acorns and we can each make a difference. So let's start now and get rid of the sickness of hate and fear and greed.

First, we must understand that love is not something we try to do; it is something that flows because of the way we are. Love is the natural state of the joyful person, the person who is open and aware and in tune with the natural way of being, unencumbered by greed, fear or ego, or an angered, gluttonous liver that makes life a misery. And, surely, it is that state of being that we all, in our heart of hearts, wish to achieve in our lives. Well, the good news is that we can, provided we really want to. And all we need to do is take one little step at a time.

So where to start? Well, the first step is to learn to love oneself; not one's ego self but one's true Self, the true Me that resides somewhere in the depth of one's being undefiled by life's experiences. This is not selfish love but rather the love of being at peace with who one truly is. You know the feeling: I am open and as light as a feather that sort of feeling, a sense of heartfelt contentment, of utter peace. The best way of learning to do this is via regular meditation. Meditation gives us that space in the day for silence and oneness with our higher Self. It is a very precious tool to have as it helps the heart and mind to work in unison. And then love can flow.

Alongside that we need to acknowledge that our ego gets in the way of loving others because it makes us self-centred and then we fail to realise our oneness with the world around us and those who are close to us. We cannot love ourselves or others if we are ego-driven. No way! Because we are putting ourselves behind bars. Instead, we need to be open and free-flowing and allow our hearts to go out to others and acknowledge our connectedness with all that is. We are all part of one human family, we come originally from one common source. Although each one of us is unique, we are not designed to live in isolation but, rather, in communion with the world around us and to share our lives with others. What we must do is learn to smile, to bring the sunshine into our lives so that we radiate warmth and understanding. Smiles are great, they cost nothing and yet each time they give a moment of bliss.

Pure love is unconditional. Yet, sometimes we do make our love conditional on our judgement and perception of the person we're dealing with. That's quite natural, isn't it: I like her because she helped me; I don't like little Johnny because he bit me. Judgemental love! Or brownie point love, when you are told you must love because it will get you to heaven. Conditional love. This is not the love of Christ or the Buddha or of Mother Theresa. It is not pure love. What we need to do is give our love unconditionally, to all living beings, to all of creation a love that comes from our hearts. The more we can live from the heart, the more we can help this wonderful world of ours. And by heavens she needs it.

The problem very often is our infinite capacity to judge others and then to allow that to influence how we behave towards them. Well, we can still make judgements but, if our hearts are truly open, they won't influence in any way our capacity to love unconditionally. In any case, our judgement is only a personal perception and very often an illusion, a fragile guide to action. Pure love, on the other hand, is universal and always true.

It's all a question of opening up our heart centres and feeling the peace that resides within which we can then spread out before us as love. Peace and love go hand-in-hand. So let's give our lives to love. It's the best way to live.

A Simple Exercise:

When you walk down the street, try observing the people you pass. Notice in a loving, non-judgemental way whether they look happy or sad, vibrant or lethargic, healthy or not so healthy. Allow your heart to go out to them and, if they decide to make eye contact with you, give them a benign SMILE that comes from your heart. Remember, a smile costs nothing but it may just make their day. And yours, too!

Wrio Russell is a Reiki teacher and practitioner working in Thailand and the UK. Email: wrio@reikiway.com Wrio will offer a Reiki Level II weekend and Reiki Level I in Chiangmai. For information and registration in Chiangmai contact Wrio direct or Khun Ampai of Siam Spa Health & Beauty or Tel. 053-210568.

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