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Mae Waang National Park

Mae Waang National Park

Mae Waang National Park is the home to rugged terrain with an altitude range of 400-1909 m, covered with mixed deciduous and pine forest. This is a rich habitat for many mammals, birds, insects and plants. The strange geological phenomenon of erosion has created bizarre pillars of soil and rock that look like giant fungi or something bizarre. The two little known places are Pha Chaw and Kgew Seau Dtend. Other attractions are Maan Fah waterfall and Baan Karen Nasa Village.

Drive south of Chiangmai. Take Rte. 108 past Hang Dong and San Patong. Before Doi Lor district, around Km. 40 after San Patong turn right signed to Mae Waang National Park for about 20 kms to the park office. This national park is still under development, so there are no bungalows, but camp and a restaurant available. Please bring your own tents and extra food.

Mae Waang National Park, Suntisuk Sub-district, Doi Lor district, Chiangmai 50160. Tel: 053-818348, 081-881-4729.

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