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Mae Jo Agricultural Days
January 23-26, 2003

Chiangmai seems to be lucky to have fairs and festivals throughout the year. Last year the Chiangmai University Campus II hosted the National Agricultural Fair, meanwhile the fair is held every two years at Kasetsart Agricultural University in Bangkok. This year Mae Jo University will organize its own fair, 23-26 January 2003. The university had been developed from the School of Agriculture since 7th June 1934, Agricultural College of Chiangmai/1956, Institute of Agricultural Technology/1975, and became Mae Jo University in 1996. The university's fair coincides with 18th anniversary of Fisheries Technology Department, Faculty of Agricultural Production.

The Fair and Exhibition will be held inside the MJU campus on the top of right-half, drive on Rte. 1001 from Chiangmai Ram Hospital II intersection for about 8-9 kilometers, you will not miss MJU location. There is no admission charge to visitors from overseas, or members of the general public, so all are welcome to come and look around the fair complex. Exhibitions and demonstrations of plant breeding propagation. The products range from vegetable, fruits, fermentation, to fertilizer, etc. Experimental production of giant pumpkin, shallot, garlic, beans, cabbage, mushroom, tangerine, pomelo, strawberry, longan, papaya, guava, etc.

The second main interesting displays and contests will be orchids and ornamental plants roses, flaming flower, the crown of thorn, croton, bonzai, etc. Anyone who loves flowers must be sure to spend more time and enjoy all kinds of colorful orchids and flowers. There are also demonstrations of flower decorations garlands, basket or tray of flowers, essential oil and perfume productions.

Along with the above shows of vegetables, flowers, plants the miniature gardens and flower arrangements are also interesting to those aesthetic lovers or landscapers.

The university's departments with experimental farming projects for the production of milking cows, sheep, roosters, hens, folws, bantam roosters, fighting cocks will be all under scrutiny. Instruction for those who are interested in aquatic farming of fresh-water fish, shrimp, frogs will also be available. There will be several contests of those raising pets and animals.

More displays will be products ranging from those of His Majesty King Bhumibol's Royal Projects to giant catfish raising. Various departments of the Ministries of Agriculture & Cooperatives, Commerce, Industry, Public Health, Labor & Welfare, Interior, Science, Technology & Environment, Natural Resources, etc. will join MJU Fair and Exhibition for their activities related to Agriculture business.

Visitors will enjoy not only demonstrations, exhibitions, shows, seminars, products and production contests, but also various fun competitions cock fighting, sheep and cow rodeo riders, salad eating, fishing, etc.

Special Activities will be "Mini-train" will shuttle passengers around the exhibition focal points and enjoy seeing the MJU complex; Minimarathon, and visit the wild sun flowers outside the campus Baan Pong. Be sure to get your camera ready. Meanwhile in the evenings there would be marching band, shows in both northern tradition and popular music, cultural shows, and more.

Just about anything and everything related to Thai agriculture and environment, e.g. hundreds of booths of products for direct sale, will be on display at MJU Agricultural Fair & Exhibition. See you there.

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