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The 5 Years of "Miss Siam" Title

During 1932 Siam came to a major crossroads in its history. Kings, who had historically reigned as Absolute Monarchs, were about to change to become Constitutional Monarchs. This was the popular wish of the Peoples Party and, on 24th June 1932, King Rama VII agreed by appending his signature and seal to a temporary constitution (The Temporary Administration Law of Siam 1932). Some months later, when the finer details had been worked out and agreed, King Rama VII presented the Permanent Constitution on 10th December 1932. This date, then and since, has come to be known as Constitution Day and is recognized as a public holiday.

The formative couple of years for Siam's new constitution was a time of flux and volatility but by 1934 politics had steadied (to a degree) and the Royal Thai Government promoted a celebration Fair & Festival to honour Constitution Day on 10th December. There were exhibitions from various government departments and agencies, private sector companies also showcased their products and there were all sorts of entertainments including a Beauty Queen Competition with the winner, the Government declared, taking the title of "Miss Siam".

The Siamese Government with nationalism policy wanted to promote equality for women that should be the same as men's. Women should have more roles in leadership and professionals. They can help the society in many ways instead of being housewives. Before crowning Miss Siam, the contestents must show their beauty, gracious manner, and parade in attractive national dress of at least three styles in tennis shorts but not too sexy, pantaloon "Joang Grabain" with silver or gold belt and scarf on shoulder, and long gala dinner gown.

Our former beauty queens during those years, 1934-1938, were Kanya Tian-sawang (1934), Wanee Lao-hakiet (1935), Wongduen Bhu-mirat (1936), Mayuree Wi-chaiwattana (1937), Sermsook Jantaravekin (1938). The title "Miss Siam" was not continued for long but became "Miss Thailand" when the nation officially changed its name in 1939. However, the Royal Thai Government was happy to promote the Beauty Queen title "Miss Thailand" until the competition lapsed in 1955. It lay dormant until 1964 when private sector interests took up the baton and re-launched the "Miss Thailand" contest. The glitter and glamour of both Miss Thailand World and Miss Thailand Universe continued unabated to this dayo

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