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Moments of Tranquility at Oasis Spa

At the end of a busy week, the present trend for office ladies (like me) is to look forward to a spa treatment. One suggested spa among Chiangmai residents is the well established Chiangmai Oasis Spa on Sirimangklajarn Road. It's difficult to find another spa in the city with gardens anything like the Oasis Spa. At the entrance gate, the urban frenzy of city life is left behind. The fragrant aroma of the verdant garden transports one into a world of tranquility. Stepping on the blocks over the entrance pond, immediately sets the scene of calm mood for relaxation and indulgence. Through the glass doors entering the vintage teak house, one is surrounded by warm teak wood decorated with charming Lanna motifs. The editor of Bangkok's Image magazine greatly appreciated the interior decor of the spa with a full color feature of Oasis Spa in a recent issue.

While clients read the menu of treatments, a warm cup of herbal beverage is brought to each. It's difficult to choose from the enticing suggestions. The accompanying oils and scrubs are based on herbal recipes that have been handed down from generations before. The Oasis Spa menu offers scrubs, wraps, various massage methods for the body, face and feet as well as slimming massage, jacuzzi and steam bath. For those who want several treatments, a package can be designed especially for their particular needs also. The lovely receptionist who speaks English, Japanese and Thai suggested the strawberry and sea salt scrub a natural elixir for cleansing and soothing the skin.

Working together for over two years on the development and implementation of the spa, the personal commitment of both Khun Pakin and Khun Toby to offer the best in service and professionalism are the keys to attracting clientele from as far as Hong Kong to enjoy the 4-hand massage package.

On this TGIF, my personally designed package started with a body scrub of Strawberry and Sea Salt followed by The Lanna Style Package of Lanna massage, Herbal Hot Compress, and Aromatherapy Full body oil massage. The package finished with a Traditional Thai Facial.

My therapist, Miss Orn, was attentive, gentle and professional looking after me for the entire four hours of pampering in my own private villa. The private villa has a full window view to a scented garden of greenery and orchid blooms. In the last few hours of kind February temperatures, I enjoyed a shower under a large overhead sprinkler.

Under the covering of a wide, thick bath towel, I relaxed while enjoying a scrub of a strawberry and sea salt. After I showered off the scrub, my therapist gently rubbed Oasis Refreshing Massage Oil, a nourishing combination of lemon grass, lavender, sweet almond and jojoba oil on my skin. The Lanna Style Package has three parts, (a Traditional Thai massage, b Thai Herbal Hot Compress, and c) Aromatherapy Full body oil massage. The massage technique using palms felt great on both the body and the soles of the feet. The therapist has mastered the technique of gently applying hot compress to warm the body. The aroma of the combination of herbs soothes the senses as well.

It was nearly noon and time for the facial. The Traditional Thai Facial at Oasis Spa includes five steps, a) Cleansing, b) Gentle Scrub with all natural Thai Herbs, c) Massage with honey & Milk, d) A Mask with cucumber (This relaxing step is when cotton pads soaked with fresh cucumber rest on the skin for 15 minutes), and e) Moisturizing. My skin felt nourished and refreshed. I felt a deep level of peace and well-being. I focused on this sensation for a while before coming back to reality.

Looking at my watch, the day was already half over and it was a Friday. Why not get an early start on the weekend by driving to my favorite resort to sit under a shady tree with my feet up in this renewed and refreshed state of mind?

The Chiang Mai Oasis Spa, 102 Sirimangkalajarn Road opposite the back entrance to Lotus PSK Hotel and Central Department Store. The Spa is a short walk from Amari Rincome, Lotus PSK, Chiangmai Orchid and Amity Hotels. Tel : 053 815000, Fax : 053-227495. Open daily. Private villas for treatments.

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