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Natural Remedy Secrets, Part II

Nature offers an array of herbs and produce that can be used for a variety of beauty of beauty treatments. This month we show you the best natural remedies for facial skincare. Keep an eye on our upcoming issues for more herbal secrets and tips for body skincare, hair treatments, eye care and oral health.

Dry Skin: Chopped and ground Papaya removes dirt and lifts dried skin cells from the skin's surface, revealing the soft, smooth layer beneath. Pineapple paste works in a similar way. Oil from Moringa seeds, ground Galanga or Siamese Ginger paste, Rice or Rice Bran mixed with water, all add moisture and suppleness to enhance a youthful appearance. Peach juice is good as a refreshing moisturizing agent.

Sun/Wind Damage: Aloe Vera juices soothe, heal and moisturize sun and wind damaged skin, as do juices from Apple, Apricot, Avocado, and Watermelon. Chopped and ground Guava also helps heal to sun damage.

Pimples & Oily Skin: Garlic ground into a paste helps heal pimples and prevent infections. So does Aloe Vera juice. A paste mode of Cummin seeds , a paste of Nutmeg and milk, or a paste of red Sandalwood and Tumeric with milk are other possible remedies. To remove black heads, mix ground Kaladuru leaves into a thin paste with Lime juice and Honey. To relieve itching while drying out pimples, beat and grind fresh Bilimbi or Morning Glory Vine (Swamp Cabbage) leaves and cover the face. To keep oily skin under control, place Tomato slices over the face and let the skin absorb the juices Tamarind paste.

Antiseptics & Healing Agents: Aloe Vera juice is well known as an excellent healing agent. For a skin antiseptic that also helps erase lines and wrinkles, try grinding, squeezing and filtering the juice from Tiger Herbal. Grind up the soft leaves of Roselle for a similar remedy. Sandalwood oil is also an excellent antiseptic-safe for all skin types-that helps soften the skin. Oil from Jasminum leaves, which are said to contain alcoholic properties, works as a medicated antiseptic.

Astringents & Toners: Juices from Strawberry, Mango and Mandarin Orange are great as toners and astringents. Carrot juice also works, and offers the added benefits of skin softening agents. For a more refreshing toner, cover the face with chopped and ground Horm Banana, or even Cucumber slices.

Freckles & Spots: Cover the face with thin slices of Shallot or Radish to help bleach out freckles and acne scars. Green Grape juice also works, as does covering the face with boiled fresh bark from the Leaftless Plant or Marvel of Peru.

Lines & Wrinkles: Cucumber slices, Lime or Green Grape juice, chopped and ground Ivy Gourd , Roselle or Guava, and the juice ground, squeezed and filtered from Tiger Herbal help to smooth out lines and wrinkles.

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