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Natural Remedy Secrets, Part 3

Nature offers an array of herbs and produce that can be used for a variety of beauty treatments. This month we show you natural remedies for body skincare. Almost all natural products below are rubbed on the skin except spirulina and white Gwao Krua are edible.


Body Odor: Tamarind mixed with fresh milk and applied all over the skin helps decrease body odor and improves the overall quality of the skin. Citronella Grass works as a great natural body deodorant.

Dry Skin: Oil ground from Spanish Licorice Lime Juice & Honey mixed together Safflower White Tumeric Red Rose or Hibiscus oil and Perfume Tree oil all make for good natural skin moisturizers. Eating Soothing Seaweed / Cooling Spirilina also helps promote healthy well-hydrated skin.

Itching & Discomfort: Tamarind mixed with fresh milk helps to soothe general itching while Eucalyptus relieves itching and discomfort from sunburn and insect bites. Eucalyptus is also a good cooling agent in the summer and warming agent in the winter. Oil ground from Golden Shower, Holy-Basil, Choomhed or Chrysanthemum leaves and applied all over the body treat a variety of skin conditions and work as excellent moisturizing agents. And Ginseng juice works as a wonderful skin refresher.

Droops & Dimples: Lemon Grass helps to firm droopy or dimpled skin and Mulberry Green Tea helps elasticize the skin and increase suppleness.

Aging: Sesame Scrub exfoliates and rejuvenates skin while Plai Citrus juices and Coffee gently lifts away the dead skin cells to help reduce the effects of aging. Kaffir Lime juice also helps to slow the effects of aging.

Breasts: Chemical substances from White Gwao Krua are said to increase breast size.

Cleansers & Anti-bacterial Agents: Star Anise works as a great natural rejuvenating cleanser while Tumeric mixed with fresh milk can be used as a refreshing anti-bacterial rinse. Cinnamon has antiseptic properties that also smoothe skin increase body warmth and stimulate feeling. Cloves operate in the same way but increase blood circulation as well. Meanwhile Ginger juices can help fight specific bacterial infections.


Hands: A Mandarin Orange Peel immersed in water then applied to the hands works as a great way to smoothe rough chapped skin. Pineapple juice can be used as a moisturizing agent for dry chapped hands while Lime juice softens hands and promotes healthy nails.

Legs & Arms: For sexy milky white calves and forearms apply 15 spoons of Yogurt to 1 spoon of Vinegar and massage into skin. To smooth out that droopy skin around the elbows and knees massage pure Honey into the skin.

Feet: To fill in the broken lines just above the heel of the foot rub in some ground up Coconut meat Horm Banana Peel or resin from a Mango Tree. To help dry up warts apply Cashew Nut resin. Ground up soft Margosa leaves can be applied to peeling skin while Lime juice softens and smoothes dry heels. To fight fungus between the toes apply some ground up Betel leaves mixed with Rice Whisky.

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