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Chiangmai has long been known as Thailand's City of Handicrafts , and here in the North in the Sankampaeng District of Chiangmai is the heart of the handicraft industry. Many of Thailand's major producers are located here and you'll find all of the traditional crafts of the old days and the new in the shops along the Chiangmai - Sankampaeng Road.

[ Lacquarware - 2.4K ] LACQUERWARE : Lacquerware is made at several locations along the Sankampaeng Road. This ancient art form of decorating wooden objects with many layers of black lacquer provides a combination of beauty and practicality.

[ Celadon - 4K ] CELADON : The finest of Thai ceramics, Celadon, with its soft green and blue tones, has long been produced in the North. The blending of local clays and wood ash to make the glazes has been passed along from one generation to another for centuries. Celadon items of beauty and quality are on display in several major shops in the Sankampaeng area.

[ Thai silk - 3.8K ] SILK and TEXTILES : Thailand is famous worldwide for its fine, pure silk and Chiangmai produces some of the finest. Sankampaeng Road is home to several shops where you can select ready made products or have and arrangement for your own tailoring. Handwoven and ethnic textile designs for the collector are also offered.

[ Woodcarving - 7.1K ] WOODCARVING : Another feature of Sankampaeng that you don't want to miss is the woodcarving industry. The skilled craftsmen are professional experts in carving fine teakwood in reliefs, statuary, and furniture. A wide range of handcrafted souvenirs are also available.

[ Umbrella making - 9.8K ] UMBRELLA MAKING : Borsarng, on Sankampaeng Road, has been the traditional center of Chiangmai's famous umbrella and fan making. Here the handpainted wares are made of delicate "Sa" paper are available in more designs than ever before.

[ Silverware- 5.9K ] SILVERWARE : Silversmithing in Chiangmai began centuries ago along Wualai Road, an area still known as the Silver village. But today many of the silver markets are on the Sankampaeng Road. Traditional items such as trays, bowls, boxes and much more are made at the Sankampaeng sites.

[ Hilltribe crafts - 10.4K ] HILLTRIBE CRAFTS : The people of the northern hilltribes produce fascinating cultural items of beautifully crafted silver, colorful embroideries, and handwoven textiles. Several shops on the Sankampaeng Road specialize in hilltribe art.

Visitors should not miss the very special collection of arts and ware along the Sankampaeng Road. It is the Northern Handcrafted Capital.

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