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Sheer Indulgence at Chiangmai's Newest Spa

 In August, a fabulous new day spa will be opening in Chiangmai. From the moment clients pass through the gates of the Chiangmai Oasis Spa, they will be whisked away from the urban frenzy of city life and transported into a world of tranquility and greenery. The elegant sandstone wall fountain of lotus flowers, down which water serenely cascades immediately sets the scene of calm and gets you in the mood for relaxation and indulgence. The day spa is conveniently located on Srimangkalajarn Road connecting Huay Kaew and Suthep Roads, but the pleasant surroundings will immediately make you forget your proximity to the city, rendering the name "Oasis" highly appropriate. As part of the caring hospitality every guest coming to the spa will be offered their choice of herbal beverages such as teas, coffee or soft drinks.

 Two knowledgeable young men have combined their business and marketing expertise to operate the Oasis Spa. Khun Pakin has many years of experience with a major pharmaceutical company. Khun Toby has traveled to over 70 countries in the world working in the international tourism field and he has been based in Thailand for the past four years. They both saw the need for a day spa in Chiang Mai that met their personal ideas of service and professionalism. To promote the new spa, the management will be offering complimentary treatments to specially invited guests during the month of August.

The first building on the street front is where clients can receive a foot massage that will leave them walking on air. The foot massages or reflexology are performed by the traditional Tibetan "hands on" method, as opposed to the impersonal "stick". Reflexology works on the principal that for every area of the mind, there is a corresponding part of the foot, making the treatment the ideal way to rejuvenate both mind and body. There are also a variety of personal items for sale in this boutique. Crossing the low bridges through the lush tropical scented garden will take you to the main salon. All the stately trees in the surrounding garden are well over forty years old.

 There are two self-contained private villas, each with its own terrace, Jacuzzi, steam, shower and rest room where the clients can receive an entire treatment package without having to leave the comfort of their own personal villa. There are six glorious treatment packages to choose from, each with a tempting and exotic sounding name. "The Oasis Pampering" starts with an invigorating Thai Herbal Steam, using natural ingredients, which have been used in Thailand for generations and are renowned for their beautifying and healing properties. This is followed by a luxuriously soothing aromatherapy massage which will melt away all your aches and pains, leaving you tingling from head to toe. Finally, you will be treated to an aromatherapy facial, which will leave your skin nourished and refreshed.

Each product is individually designed to cleanse, exfoliate, balance and relax and is freshly prepared on a daily basis from natural ingredients like honey, lemon and cucumber. In keeping with the emphasis on luxury, the aroma oils, treatment masques and refreshments are served in exquisitely decorated gold "Benjarong" chinaware. The comfortable beds and sheets are custom made and loose fitting pajamas and robes are provided. The duration of each package ranges from one and a half hours to four hours.

 The soft lighting, idyllic setting, luxurious herbal treatments and expert skill of each masseuse combine to ensure the optimum satisfaction of every guest. The Chiang Mai Oasis Spa promises to provide its clients with the utmost attentive care and service, which will keep them coming back time and again. Being pampered at the Oasis Spa is the perfect way to indulge, unwind and briefly escape from the daily grind of life in the city.

The Chiang Mai Oasis Spa, 102 Sirimangkalajan Road opposite the entrance to Lotus PSK Hotel and Central Department Store. A short walk from Amari Rincome, Lotus PSK, Chiangmai Orchid and Amity Hotels. Tel : 053 815000 Fax: 053-227495. Open daily. Private villas for treatments. Web site: www.chiangmaioasis.com

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