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Huay Teung Thao park, on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, is eighty acres of wooded parkland surrounding a large lake. The park, which lies about two and a half kilometers beyond the 700 Year Sports Stadium on route 121, is a prime example of a Royal Project at work, operated by "Gawila" the 33rd military circle, Here, after paying the ten Baht entrance fee, one can hire a bicycle on which to tour the grounds, or a tent, if you wish to spend a night under the stars by the lake. The road circling the lake is just over three kilometers in length, and is tarmacked for most of the way.

A string of salas cling to the shore, providing shelter from the sun to those who choose to dine at one of the score or more restaurants operating along the water's edge. The cuisine is local, you can, if you wish, bring your own food. There are small boats, or pedaloes for hire, should you choose to spend part of your day on the water. The rate: a 40 Baht per half-hour -- 60 Baht for an hour. Windsurfing equipment can be rented for 150 Baht per hour. Fishing, from the banks of the lake is also permitted. There are designated camping sites where you can pitch your tent for a fee of 100 Baht per night, or hire one from the park authority for 150 Baht per night. For those who wish to relax and be entertained, local musicians perform on weekends and on public holidays, with bands taking to the stage from two in the afternoon until seven in the evening.

Huay Teung Thao opens seven days a week, from 06.00 hrs. until 19.00 hrs. The entrance fee is currently twenty Baht per person.

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