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Northeastern Route, Highway 1001
( Chiang Mai - Phrao )

Heading northeast out of Chiang Mai is Route 1001 to the small city of Phrao. This scenic highway eventually brings the traveller to the enormous Sri Lanna National Park. Covering an area of over 100,000 hectares, this huge tract of land includes Mae Ngud, Mae Taeng and Chiang Dao forests. The wildlife is abundant in this largely undisturbed wilderness of rolling mountains, which is the source of the Mae Ping river. There are many places of special interest that can be visited in this huge park. These include Mon Hin Lai Waterfall, close to the park's main entrance, with its six separate spectacular cascades.

Bua Tong Waterfall and its remarkable seven-colored spring is 42 kilometers from Chiang Mai and located on the road to Phrao. The spring water is rich in calcium carbonate which is deposited on the stream bed and flows down the falls in seven distinct pastel colors.

Wat Doi Mae Pang is some 75 kilometers from Chiang Mai on Route 1001 to Phrao. Its greatest claim to fame is that it was the home to Luang Poo Waen Sujinno, a famous and revered monk, from 1962 until his death in 1985. Many of the buildings are of wooden construction, including the Wiharn and a hermit's cell called Rong Yang Giled or Rong Fai. Relics of Luang Poo Waen include his dwelling hut, a picture in the pavilion that shows him meditating, and a square-shaped, spire-roofed museum with his ashes, a beeswax replica of the monk, and his personal effects.

Visitors can stay in this area to enjoy the quiet countryside. The Doi Farung Bungalow is situated at 203 Moo 1, Baan Pa Nhai, Ampur Phrao around 96 kilometers from Chiang Mai city. The natural geography is this remote area is the background for Thai style guesthouses and bungalows. Facilities include a restaurant. A popoular activity for guests is to walk through the surrounding hills. To get there either drive on Mae Jo -Phrao Road, route 1001, by private car or take the local hourly bus to Phrao. Tel./Fax (053) 474392 or email doifabu@loxinfo.co.th.

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