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111 Popular Thai Dishes

Thailand is not a very big nor a very rich country, but it is unique and unaffected by colonial influence. The country is quite fortunate with abundance of agriculture produce vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices. Thai cuisine has undergone numerous changes and adaptations. It nevertheless retains its distinctiveness which makes Thai food highly popular among connoisseurs of fine dining the world over. Thai food is delicious nutritional and easy to cook so it is becoming more and more popular. Thais do not use knives and forks but use forks and spoons. The fork is held in the left hand to help get the food onto the right-hand-held spoon.

A large dish of rice is always the centerpiece which is surrounded by, a small dish of snack, a small side-dish of Naam Prig or Lohn with dipping sauce and vegetable nearby, a medium-size dish of Yaam (salad), a medium-size of dish of baked/steamed/fried varieties, a proper size bowl of Dtom Jued (soup) as well as Gaeng (curry). The soup is served together with the other dishes where as western custom is to serve the soup before the main course. To fulfill a grand end of a Thai meal, Thai desserts and exotic fruits would be waiting nearby. NOTE : Quick dishes are considered for a single person and convenience sake,

Khao Taang Nah Tung Crispy rice cracker with dipping minced pork and shrimp sauce
Mieng Lao Crispy rice cracker a savory filling
Miang Kum Leaf-wrapped dried shrimp, cooked shredded coconut meat, peanut, condiments, and dipping palm sugar sauce.
Poh Pia Sod Fried spring rolls with pork, vegetable filling and tamarind sauce
Poh Pia Ghoong Sod Tord Spring rolls with prawn filling
Poh Piah Tord Deep fried spring rolls with dipping plum sauce
Satayh Beef or pork on skewers with dipping peanut sauce
Sakoo Zai Moo Steamed sago with pork filling
Khao Grieb Paak Mor Steamed Batter with pork filling
Khanom Buang Yuan Crispy Thai pancake
Khanom Krog Charcoal-baked rice flour with coconut milk
Gluay Khaek Deep fried banana fritters
Khao Mao Tord Fried banana wrapped in shredded rice grain
Khao Paad Fried rice with chicken, beef or pork
Khao Ob Sapparod Rice baked in a fresh pineapple with chicken and shrimps
Khao Kloog Gapi Fried rice with shrimp paste and topped with dried shrimp, sweet pork and salty egg
Guay Tiew Paad Thai Thai style stir fried noodles with prawns, egg, peanut, vegetable
Khanom Jeen Soun Naam Thai rice pasta (vermicelli) with pineapple chunk, dried shrimp, ginger and garlic
Khanom Jeen Naam Ya Thai rice pasta (vermicelli) with spicy fish-viscera sauce topping
Khanom Jeen Naam Prig Thai rice pasta (vermicelli) with sweet prawn sauce
Khao Mun Sohm Taam Rice cooked in coconut milk and green papaya salad
Khao Mun Gai Steamed chicken breasts with rice cooked in chicken stock
Khao Mog Gai Curried rice and chicken
Khao Soy Northern style egg noodles with curry, coconut milk, condiment, and choice of chicken (Gai) or Beef (Neua)
Guay Tiew Haeng One choice of dry noodles with varieties of meat and meat balls
Guay Tiew Naam Soup of one selected noodles with varieties of meat and meat balls
Goey Zee Mee Fried crispy egg noodles with chicken, mushroom and asparagus
Guay Tiew Laadna Fried white noodles with thick gravy, vegetable, choice of chicken, beef, squid or pork topping
Guay Tiew Paad Zee-iew Fried white noodles with soya sauce, choice of chicken, beef or pork
Guay Tiew Neau Sub Fried noodles with minced meat
Khao Nah Gai Fried chicken with bamboo shoots and vegetables on rice
Tord Mun Ghoong Deep Fried Prawn Cakes with bread crumbs, accompaniment and dipping plum sauce
Tord Mun Pla Grai Deep fried spicy fish cakes with kaffir lime leaves chilli paste, and serve with hot sauce
Ghoong Zong Kreung Deep fried savory prawn with dipping sauce
Poo Jaa Deep fried stuffed crab shell
Naem Zong-kruang Northern style fermented sausage with ginger, peanuts, onions, chilli, etc. (condiments)
Naam Prig Ong Chopped pork with tomatoes and chilli paste along with fresh vegetable
Gai Hor Bai Toey Marinated chicken in coconut milk, wrapped and bake in pandan leaves
Mee Ga Thi Soft rice vermicelli in coconut milk
Mee Grob Crispy sweet and sour fried rice vermicelli mixed with pork, prawns, egg, yellow bean curd, onions and chilli
Zai Grog E-sarn Northeast style sausage
Zai Oua Zong Kreung Fried northern pork sausage in Dressing
Yaam Neua Yaang Spicy Salad of Grilled Beef marinated with chilli and spices
Laab Marinated minced meat (beef, pork or chicken) with herbs peppermint, chilli, vegetables
Yaam Yai Siamese salad of the combination of meat and vegetable varieties
Yaam Woon Zen Spicy salad of vermicelli with pork, prawn, squid
Plaa Goong Grilled river prawn salad marinated with peppermint and lemon grass
Yaam Pla Dood Fu Spicy salad of crispy catfish
Yaam Sohm-oh Pomelo or grapefruit salad
Yaam Ma-khua Yao Phao Grilled long eggplant salad with dried shrimps
Yaam Ma-muang Green mango salad
Miang Pla Too Spicy mackerel salad
Khai Yaad Zai Savoury Stuffed Omelette with minced pork and spices
Khai Jiew Hoy Naang Rom Omelette with oyster (or ground pork = moo sub instead)
Gai Haw Bai Toey Fried chicken pandanus leaves
Paad Khing Beef or chicken with ginger and jelly mushrooms
Paad Nor-mai Farang Gub Goong Sauteed Asparagus and mushroom with shrimp
Paad Paak Ruammit Gai Fried mixed vegetables with chicken
Paad Priew Waan Sweet and sour dish of vegetable and choice of Zee Krong Moo (spareribs), Gai (chicken) or Goong (shrimp)
Zee Krong Moo Ob Roast pork spareribs with honey
Gai Paad Med Ma-muang Himmapaan Fried chicken with cashew nuts and dry chilli
Paad Paak Boong Stir-fried morning glory or water spinach
Ma-khua Yow Paad Tao Jiew Long eggplant with soya beans
Nua Paad Naam-mun Hoy Sauteed beef tenderloin in oyster sauce
Poo Paad Gari Fried crab claws with curry powder
Poo / Hoy Lai Paad Naam Prig Phao Stir-fried crab / clams with roasted chilli paste
Pla-chorn Paad Keun Shai Fried Serpenthead fish with Parsley.
Pla Chorn Paad Prig Khing Fried Serpenthead fish with ginger and green peper
Paad Bai Gra-pow Sauted meat (pork, chicken, beef, squid or prawn) with chilli and basil leaves
Hoy Malaeng Poo Ob Steamed mussels with basil leaves and dipping sauce
Hor Mog Steamed curry fish with seasoning and a choice of fish, oyster or seafood
Pla Grapong Tord Foo Fluffy crisp fried snapper
Pla Dook Fu Deep fried smoked catfish
Paad Ped Pla-doog Fried curried catfish with lesser ginger
Pla Chorn Jed Yaang Deep fried serpenthead fish with tasty flavors
Pla Chon Luis Suan Steamed serpenthead fish with lemon and vegetables
Khai Dtoon Steamed egg with shallots and coriander.
Khai Loog Khoey Hard boiled eggs with tamarind and palm sugar sauce.
Pla Jian Fried fish with ginger, mushrooms and soya beans
Pla Grapong Khao Neung Manao Steamed sea perch with chilli in lime sauce
Pla Pae Za Steamed serpenthead fish with pickled plum
Pla Sumlee Daed Diew Deep fried sun-dried Butterfish / Cottonfish / Ringfish and mango dipping / salad sauce
Pla Phao Grilled fish with dipping tamarind sauce
Ghoong Phao Grilled river prawns with dipping tamarind sauce
Dtow Jiew Lohn White bean curd with minced pork or shrimp and coconut milk
Pla Rah Lohn Anchovy and coconut milk dipping sauce with fish
Pla Tord Grob Saam Rod Fried fish with three flavors
Goong Paad Prig Pao Sauteed river prawns with curry paste
Pla Raad Prig Fried grouper or red snapper topped with chilli sauce
Shoo Shee Prawn or fish in sizzling curry sauce and lime leaves
Panaeng Thick sweet peanut red curry with kaffir lime leaves, choice of Neua (beef) Goong (shrimp) or Moo (pork)
Giew Naam Won Tan soup, stuffed noodle dumplings in clear broth
Bped Toon Manao Dong Clear duck stew in pickled lemon
Gaeng Jued Woon Zen Mungbean or vermicelli noodle soup with a choice of chicken or pork
Gaeng Rorn Clear soup of jelly noodles and vegetables
Dtom Gralumplee Sawd Sai Moo Cabbage Stuffed with pork, in clear soup
Dtom Sai Bua Gati Lotus stem soup with mackerel and coconut milk
Dtom Som Pla Fish soup with mild sour tamarind and ginger
Dtom Yaam Hot-Sour shrimp soup flavored with lemon grass, lime and chilli and a choice of Ghoong (shrimp), Pla (fish), Gai (chicken), Nua (beef) or Poh Dtag (seafood)
Gaeng Liang Mixed vegetable soup with grashai (lesser ginger) choice of Pla Haeng (smoked fish) or fresh Ghoong Sod (fresh shrimp)
Dtom Kloang Sour but mild spicy soup of smoked fish
Dtom Kah Creamy soup with coconut milk galangal, chilli, lime, choice of Gai (chicken) or Pla (fish)
Gaeng Som Mild spicy and sour soup of vegetable, choice of serpenthead fish fillet or prawns
Gaeng Khua Pla Fish curry with vegetables and spices
Gaeng Moo Taypo Pork curry with morning glory or water spinach and kaffir lime
Gaeng Khiew Waan Green curry with chicken (Gai), beef (Neua) or prawn (Ghoong)
Gaeng Ped The red curry with beef (Neua), pork (Moo) or chicken (Gai)
Gaeng Ped Bped Yaang Roasted duckling curry
Gaeng Ped Moo Fug Thong The red curry with pork and pumpkin
Gaeng Gari Gai Yellow chicken curry with potatoes
Gaeng Massamun Neua Thai Muslim curry with beef
Gaeng Hung-lay Northern Style beef or pork curry with ginger and chilli paste

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