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Proverbs Prove the Point, Part 2

It doesn't matter where we come from, every nation and every language has its own proverbs which have been handed down, generation to generation, and are still widely observant and of value. Here are some Thai proverbs [bold print] (and their equivalents in English) so you may compare:

"Don't beat yourself before the fever arrives."
Don't cross the bridge 'till you get to it (this means to be patient as far as a future happening is concerned).
"Slowly, slowly, you will get a fine knife."
Rome was not built in a day (this suggest we "wait and see" and, in the face of difficult decisions, take our time).
"The dog doesn't shit where there is no rubbish."
There is no smoke without fire (this hints, if there is some fishy business going on, people are sure to fine out about it).
"If you have 25 satang, save it until you make it up to a baht."
Take care of the pence and pounds will take care of themselves (this teaches us not to waste even the smallest amount, then we shall have some money when a real need arises).
"Listen with one ear and keep the other ear."
To take something with a pinch of salt (this warns against believing all we hear without first checking the information).
"To talk like someone cracking shells."
To talk a mile a minute (this sarcastic coment is aimed at someone who talks too much).
"It's hard to bend an old tree."
It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks (this means it is easier to teach the receptive mind of a young person than it is to teach an older person who is set in his ways).
"To ride an elephant to catch a grass happer."
To use a sledge hammer to crack a nut (this recommends moderation when approaching a situation rather than an overkill).
"Windows have ears, doors have holes."
Walls have ears (this tells there will always be someone to relay a secret once it has been divulged).
"Even a four-legged animal can stumble."
The wisest man may fall (this admits that we all make mistakes from the prophet to the fool we are all human).

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