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Proverbs Prove the Point, Part 3

It doesn't matter where we come from, every nation and every language has its own proverbs which have been handed down, generation to generation, and are still widely observed and of value. Here are some Thai proverbs [bold print] (and their equivalents in English) so you may compare:

To cry like a turtle being grilled.
To cry one's eyes out (this refers to someone who has a genuine reason for crying and is, therefore, deserving of sympathy).
Little birds build nests according to their size.
Cut your coat according to your cloth (which means don't waste, don't go for "show" and only spend according to one's needs)
To apply gold leaf to the back of a Buddha image.
To do good by stealth (this refers to a charitable good hearted person who seeks neither reward nor recognition for the good deeds he does).
Buddhist holy days do not take place only once.
Every dog has its day (means there is opportunity for everyone and, no matter how low you are, there is hope for the future).
A dog jealously guarding a fishbone.
Like a dog in a manger (encourages us to be less selfish and allow others, less fortunate, to have what we cannot use).
Don't hasten to ripen before being nearly ripe first.
Early ripe, early rotten (warns us against doing something before we are ready especially getting married too young).
If you play with a dog, the dog will lick your mouth.
Familiarity breeds contempt (advises us against being over friendly to undeserving people whom we don't really know).
Sweet Mouth, Sour Bottom.
He has honey in the mouth and a razor at the girdle (warns us against the hypocrite whose sweet talk conceals his hidden agenda).
In hot water the fish lives; in cold water the fish dies.
Flies are easier caught with honey than with vinegar (teaches us to be diplomatic as, very often, persuasion is more effective than force).
Look at the direction of the winds.
Look before you leap (when making an important decision, this tells us to check everything out before making the final move).

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