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Providence Education Language Immersion Camp (PELIC) in Chiang Mai, Thailand

As soon as I entered the compound of The Providence Education Language Immersion Camp (PELIC), I liked the campus immensely. I felt very comfortable admiring the wonderful vintage architecture so very charming with lattice trim and natural wood color. The PELIC is located in a beautiful 11-rai area that belongs to the Baan Sawadigarn military compound within the old city. The compound is many years old and the school building is set in a restored 2-storey building. The surrounding garden throughout is large with many green bushes, trees and blooming flowers.

The concept of the PELIC is to provide total immersion in English language for a student undergoing a six month course. This course is deal for both students with international goals and buisness executives who will benefit in the modern economy. Not only do students study English in class room but the class room is part of the learning. Their schedule will be many activities such as watching movies, read assigned books, role playing, singing, field trips, western cooking classes, massage and spa skill developing classes with assigned teacherfacilitator with them through the day while three meals included daily. Resulting in their learning the western culture, language and ending up with English being their Second Language along with the ability to pass the English proficiency test. For 180 days, the students live in a purely English language environment. The language immersion concept is firmly valued by the Director of The Providence Education Language Immersion Camp, Ms. Thatchakorn Nimsakul-thamrong, who has met with many instances of proof that this study method is effective. To date, Ajarn Thatchakorn has successfully trained 100 professional Thai nurses in English who now work happily in New Zealand, Australia, U.K. and the USA.

Language immersion is the latest 10th method of teaching a second language. Unlike a more traditional language course, where the target language is simply the subject material, language immersion uses the target language as a teaching tool, surrounding or "immersing" students in the second language. Both in-class studies and outside of the class, such as meals or everyday tasks, are conducted in the target language. The goal is to become functionally proficient in the English language, to master the foreign languages, and to acquire an understanding of and appreciation for the culture the student will be working in.

The course work is not necessarily focused on medical English but students are learning to think in English in any setting necessary for clear communication in any instance.

The first floor has the reception area, office, three classrooms and the common room. The common room is for the students to mix and mingle and learn English in every setting. There are comfortable lounge chairs for reading and holding relaxing conversations around the snack bar.

The second floor has a well stocked library, computer language lab, more classrooms and dormitory area. The future tele-medical services center is located on this floor also. The creation and design is under the capable supervision of Prof. Narong Nimsakul, M.D.

This immersion method is also available for training non-native English language teachers, or academic degree holding persons in Science, Mathematics, or Communication Arts fitting the needs of professionals who have degrees in these topics but need English proficiency to work abroad. The PELIC experience will assist in deeply learning the language and those professional will have those high paying jobs in demand around the world.

Ajarn Thatchakorn has also scheduled the weekend immersion course for high school or university student, teacher, scholar and professionals who need to continue their study abroad requiring fluent English skill. This is a 16 day course with guarantee of achieving IELTS 5.0 to 6.0 in English fluency and the learner will start to like and to continue use English as part of everyday life. The ambition of PELIC Immersion Camp is to increase Thai people using English as a Second Language.

The school also welcomes small clubs to hold meetings in the conference room. For more information, you can contact School Manager, Mrs. Vilawan at 053 326200 during business hours.

74/3 , T.Sripoom, Viengkaew Rd., Chiang Mai, 502000 Behind Siam TV.

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