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Her Majesty's Birthday

Her Majesty The Queen August 12th is a very special day for the people of Thailand. Their beloved Queen will celebrate her birthday. In recognition of Her Majesty, this day is also recognized as National Mother's Day.

It is perhaps difficult for those who are not Thai to appreciate and understand how much warmth and love is bestowed upon Queen Sirikit, by her people and the society that she, together with His Royal Highness King Bhumibol Adulyadej, represents. Queen Sirikit has dedicated herself to the Thai Nation since her marriage to the King in 1950, and over the past 50 years she has turned her talents and her efforts to meet the growing and ever changing needs of the Thai people. While the traditional royalty of most nations is perceived to have a primary concern for the upper classes of a society, Her Majesty Queen Sirikit has demonstrated her care and concern for all peoples in the Kingdom of Thailand, particularly those if the vast stretches of rural Thailand, the farmers.

Her Majesty's SUPPORT Foundation is the most thorough social development program in the country. The organization maintains a basic philosophy of self-help and self-improvement by providing education, training, and essential equipment for the establishment of self-generating income opportunities in the countryside. Thailand's woven baskets handicraft industry and Mudmee silk production are two of the many highly successful industries that have resulted from Her Majesty's efforts through the SUPPORT Foundation. Each year the SUPPORT program grows larger and encompasses a broader range of elements to meet the needs of the rural poor.

Of particular significance to the people of the North has been Her Majesty's prominent involvement in the Hill tribe Handicraft Program and the Royal Reforestation Program. The first of these is of particular importance to Her Majesty since the development of handicraft skills will decrease the dependence on the traditional (and harmful) method of agriculture, slash and burn. It also discourages the growth of poppies for opium production.

Her Majesty has made it clear that her work is far from done. "I will try to continue my work in the rural areas as much as in the past," she said. "Let me continue to try to raise the quality of life of the poor and less-privileged in Thailand to the level of their more fortunate countrymen."

We would like to join with all the people of Thailand in wishing Her Majesty Queen Sirikit a very joyous happy 68th birthday on August 12th which as been named "Mother's Day" in Thailand in her honor. We hope and pray that she and will have many more years of a happy and revered moments.

On the occasion of the celebration of her birthday this year, "Welcome to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai" Magazine wishes Her Majesty the very best and expresses, on behalf of the magazine's wide readership, our appreciation for her insightful efforts and hard work for the benefits of the Thai People.

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