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Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden


The Botanical Garden Organization of Thailand was established on the recommendation of the Biodiversity Board of Thailand, to be responsible for the collection of various plants and vegetation, especially rare and endangered species of native flora, for further planting and propagation. The mission is to preserve the invaluable plant resources of the country. In 1992 Queen Sirikit celebrated her 60th birthday and the Botanical Garden Organization was established by Royal decree in honor of her Majesty. In 1994 Her Majesty the Queen granted her permission to name the northern botanical garden "Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden."

Headquarters building Established in the lush mountains of Doi Pui-Suthep on the Mae Rim-Samoeng road, these spectacular gardens could not be in a more splendid setting. Three major streams in the area converge into one, providing year round water, and the regional climate in this mountainous area is ideally suited to the project. In the early years, Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden was visited by directors and administrators from renowned botanical gardens around the world who unanimously gave their support to the project and over the years it has developed into a truly world class establishment. The center does not just provide botanical study and research facilities but also provides a place for relaxation where visitors are welcome to enjoy the beauty of Thai flora.

In an effort to restore and maintain floral diversity, the garden is home to many rare and endangered species, particularly those indigenous to Thailand. Highly trained botanical and horticultural staff are working together to develop a representative collection of Thai plants for research as well as conserving those species at risk in the wild. Plants under threat from commercial collecting such as orchids and those used to produce medicine, are mass propagated to provide a sustainable economical alternative. Lush vegetation The garden also provides facilities for students and researchers of all levels and collaborative projects have been established with several institutions and universities throughout the country.

A comprehensive botanical library provides researchers and the general public with the very latest information and the garden is in a perfect location for environmental and conservation studies for both students and the casual visitor. This is truly a remarkable place where the visitor can relax surrounded by the splendor of countless species of flowers, shrubs and other plants. The gardens are stunning and a must for photographers, artists and simply anyone who wants to relax, as the natural environment, myriad of colors and scents and smells of the flowers are overwhelming.

Simply perfect for a day out in the country.

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