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RarinJinda Wellness Center and Spa

After treatment loungeThis maybe putting the yoghurt before the main course, by showing these photos of the enlarged after treatment lounge devoted to relaxation at Rarin Jinda Wellness Center and Spa. Guests are encouraged to stay longer, sit in a deep comfortable chair, read a book, rehydrate after treatment in this quiet space. Fresh fruit and a variety of hot teas are always on hand. The special lounge is where to enjoy soothing music or light birdsong.

The name itself, Rarin Jinda, means radiating, sparkling stream. The harmony, well-being, balance, and relaxation are all the concepts one anticipates from a spa treatment. The thought of a spa in Chiangmai conjures up images of warm wood interiors, pools with fountains, and the fragrance lemon grass. You will find this and more here in Asian contemporary design in a new dimension branded as Rarin Jinda.

"More and more people realize that spa-ing has a part to play in everyone's personal health care," says Managing Director Viboon Ursaahajit. "This is why we have a large comfortable space for after spa time."

After treatment lounge areaActually, Rarin Jinda is a seamless fit into its environment set in a small neighborhood near the Ping River. As part of Wat Gate, Chiangmai's life center, it reflects the way of life both quiet and simple not touched by contemporary urban development. Visitors are impressed with the center's small museum describing the long history of the area.

Within Rarin Jinda space is provided for guests to live, relax, and be entertained within the grounds. The center includes an accommodation tower in a four story building, restaurant, two swimming pools, fitness center, yoga stretching and relaxing areas. Careful attention has been paid to make room for green and open spaces where guests can congregate. The rooftop jacuzzi is sure to be the choice of setting.

It is believed that health care includes preventive treatments such as colonics (colon cleansing), cellutech (anti cellulite massage), Vichy shower, and hydrotherapy for body cleansing. These steps are most likely to benefit various body parts allowing the body to perform optimally and to utilize its innate ability to regain balance.

For that the preventative health reason, Rarin Jinda, offers these full detox programs:

Package A : Infrared red sauna, cellutech. 2 hours. 15 minutes.
Package B : Hydro pool and rain forest steam, cellutech, colonic. 2 hours. 25 minutes.
Package C : Hydro glow and tone, cellutech, colonic. 2 hours. 45 minutes.

Luxurious surroundings, soothing sounds, professional therapists, breathtaking views combined with a terrific city location, makes Rarin Jinda Chiang Mai's health spa of choice. Your health, wellness and happiness comes first. The mood is created for deep relaxation, in luxurious facilities and professional application of health and wellness knowledge. The expertise you experience will leave you happier and healthier than ever!

Stop in any day and discuss the detox programs with expert therapists at Rarin Jinda Wellness Spa Resort, Charoenrasd Road. Tel. 053-303030, 053-247000. (Our readers will receive a special rate.)

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