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Many visitors to Chiangmai just can't get enough of delicious Thai food. One their favorites is a northern curry known as Gaeng Oua, a light red curry with river or pond fish added. The local Northerners do not often add coconut cream or milk when preparing curries, except to this fish curry. Today, coconut is available everywhere throughout Thailand. The basic ingredients require dried red chilli, red shallots, garlic, shredded lemon grass, galangal, salt, coconut cream, along with fish, snake (long green) beans and fish sauce.

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The next popular dish, Yaam Prik Yuak, a yellow pepper salad should make the visitors think of the name of a Hollywood film... "Some Like it Hot". Naturally, it is a mild exotic hot dish. Besides the yellow pepper, it consists of dried shrimp, shredded onion, cabbage, long leaf coriander, boiled egg, red pepper seeds, lemon, sugar and fish sauce. A dish of fresh green vegetables is also on the menu. Paad Paak Khome, is a combination of fried spinach with chopped or ground chicken, black mushrooms, bean curd and oyster sauce.

A bowl of ground pork and egg soup, Gaeng Jued Moo-sub Gub Khai should be perfect companion to other dishes or selection of the meal.

A sweet ending to this northern Thai dinner is made from black beans, coconut cream, palm sugar, salt. Gaeng Buad Tua Daam. Adding a bit of sticky rice is a wonderful taste, too.

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