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Highly Recommended Dishes
for November

A full composition of a typical Thai meal would be rice, curry, soup, fried dish, salad , dipping sauce with fresh vegetables, steamed or grilled dish, solid dessert, liquid dessert , and mixed fruits. These delicious Thai dishes would be enough to serve at least five people. As an example of a set menu of popular Thai foods, the above recommended dishes would definitely serve three persons. In the case of only two persons dining, a dessert or mixed fruits as well as one other dish could be reduced.

5 Thai dishes - 35K

One of the most favorite Thai curries that visitors would appreciate -- Gaeng Ped Nua Fug Tong is a red curry with beef and pumpkin. It is not too hot but mild and creamy from the coconut cream. Chicken and pork can also be used. The basic curry paste requires dried red chillies, red shallots, garlic, lemon grass, galangal, coriander, kaffir lime zest, peppercorns, cumin seeds, salt, and shrimp paste. The recipe of course includes beef, apple egg plants, pumpkin, coconut cream, coconut milk, fish sauce, palm sugar, kaffir lime leaves, basil leaves, and fresh green or red chillies.

The next popular dish, Larb Gai is a tasty minced chicken salad with green vegetables and mint. The most important ingredients include fried rice crumbs, parsley, lemon, and shallots.

The character of the next dish -- stir fried prawns and sponge gourd, Buab Paad Goong would be a perfect companion with the curry dish and other selections.

Also, on the menu should be a bowl of soup made of seabass and preserved mustard greens -- Pla Ga-Pong Tohm Paak-Gaad-Dong.

A sweet ending for this traditional Thai dinner is made from sago tapioca flour, white sugar, salt, coconut milk and cream, and tender coconut flesh -- Sakoo Piag Maprow Orn.

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