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Ruen Raya Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The creator and owner of Ruen Raya Resort is Khun Raya Leulai,  warm hearted, playful, pretty, sensitive and intelligent" an individual who will go far in whatever she pursuits. The charming boutique bread and breakfast resort is located in Mae Ram subdistrict, Mae Rim district in Chiang Mai Province. Though Khun Raya started her business career facing tough pressure demanded in the male dominated natural gas industry, presently, she is following her heart’s passion being creativity and design. These talents are motivating her to bring greater diversity to her life-style.

Her key to survival is her business philosophy resting on the core belief is to find fun in what you do, and, don’t take yourself too seriously. She has the desire to work well with others, even when at times disagreement surfaces. Through calm engagement the end-result will be increased performance and profitability by pursuing quality creates greater value for customers.

After growing up in the northeast not far from Udon Thani, she completed studies in accounting and later she obtained another diploma in international business administration and a degree in political science in Bangkok.
Her first administrative position was with a design business producing home decorative products high in demand as decor in palatial homes of sophisticated millionaires in Bangkok. This exposure blossomed within her the love of hands-on designing and creating. Though this work was fun, she needed to follow another path to develop other professional abilities.

A management executive of a Norwegian engineering firm with expertise in natural gas pipeline recognized her networking attributes. Subsequently, she was hired as Personal Assistant advising expatriates on Thai customs and business networking.

She was in the front line of large investment when in 1997, the Thai economy had a big jolt that brought on a change in the  major owner creating confusion around leadership issues, and negatively impacting internal and external partnerships.

That did not deter Khun Raya from striking out on her own. At only 28 years, she started an export company marketing fine quality white bed linens to hotels throughout the southeast Asian region. Her travels abroad took her to meet several trade attaches in Thai embassies in places she had never been such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi to bring awareness of the products to top brand hotels such as Hilton. The business executives were amazed to receive this brave young woman creating an interest for the products in those economically troubled times in 1997. This experience was an opportunity for her to observe management trends outside of Thailand.
She came to the crossroads -- to continue developing business or to start a family.  When her first child came, she gave up her career devoting herself to the tiny one she chose to come into her life. Then came the question, did she want to spend her life in Bangkok. Her close friend urged her to settle in Chiang Mai for the area‘s good environment and for the potential to locally buy and sell land.

She couldn’t afford to be anchored behind a desk and her good fate brought along good deals in land speculation. She did not have to spend energy searching for either land deals or for customers to purchase land. Through her past business contacts, she met foreign business people wanting to invest in land in Chiang Mai.

One day she drove in a small lane in Chiang Mai and saw a piece of land she envisioned on the spot so ideal for a charming resort. Without any hesitation she bought the three rai plot of land. Sitting at her laptop, she designed her dream resort. Upon completing this process, she realized had derived great personal satisfaction. Then she hired an engineer and architect to transform her dream into reality.

Today, the Ruen Raya B & B complete with swimming pool, cottages and coffee shop attracts many visitors plus business people. Guests often comment they “feel comfortable in the homey private setting.” One day soon, you can drop in and meet the personable owner.

Khun Raya said, “At this moment I see other opportunities and it’s time to move ahead setting higher goals.” Now she’s taking time to think actively about the future. She finds herself contemplating how she might turn her passion into a business.  So follow these pages to know more about the dream this talented woman will be realizing very soon.

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