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For the Pause that Refreshes
Try Tea for Two... or more ...
at Siamese Traders Tea Pavilion

WHEN I FIRST came to Thailand, I lived in the bustling city of Bangkok. One always heard about Chiangmai from the locals. In Chiangmai, the weather was cool, the wind was fresh, the colorful flowers were everywhere and how the tall shady trees surrounded charming teak homes. And, how the waterfalls cascaded from every mountain cliff. One even could commit this typical conversation to memory when studying book 4 at the AUA language school on Rajdamri Road. This build up of Chiangmai was the gospel truth believed by all even though many 'experts' had never even visited Chiangmai. The poor souls only dreamed of travelling to the north and stuffing themselves with Lamyai during the harvest season.

Of course I wasn't disappointed when I first visited Chiangmai. We were so impressed with what we found that within the year the family had decided to make Chiangmai our permanent home. And so it is living in a city with the reputation of Shangrila that during the cool season friends and relatives descend on us in hordes. With so much entertaining to do, another great thing about Chiangmai is there is always something new to see such as the charming rural style Chinese Tea Pavilion just opened by Siamese Traders.

The Tea Pavilion a fascinating place to visit and learn about the good things that mother nature makes available to us. All friends who are interested in gardening, and learning more about healthy food products will find a visit here really worthwhile.

The owners Nikolaus and Sherry Prachensky have been developing the fine foods product line of Siamese Traders for the past three years. Siamese Traders is committed to providing small rigorously controlled quantities of luxurious yet affordable products, which are pleasing, ecologically friendly, and based on original growing methods or traditional agriculture methods. Their products are intended to add dignity and refinement to the simple life-style pleasures of eating, drinking, and living in surroundings attuned to natural equilibrium.

Niki Prachensky travels to the high hills of Mae Salong in Chiang Rai province to source oo-long tea grown there on the many tea plantations developed by descendants of the KMT. The pioneers of Doi Mae Salong brought cuttings from tea plants and fruit trees that were native to Yunnan for orchards in their new home. Today, visitors enjoy eating fresh persimmons, plums, peaches, apricots and pears from May to September harvest season. Along the hillsides are tea plantations producing fine 'black' tea.

Either Niki or Sherry conducts a short 30 minute personal introduction to exotic herbs and spices cultivated on the 2 rai estate. During the presentation, visitors are invited to sample fine blends of Oblong and Green Teas at a special presentation counter. Visitors learn of the health benefits which modern science is now confirming that the teas bestow. According to the December 18 issue of Time magazine, daily intake of black tea lowers the risk of suffering heart disease or a stroke. Research indicates that black tea tends to restore blood vessels to previous healthy levels of elasticity.

Now that visitors' season is here take your house guests to the Siamese Tea Pavilion. It will be time well spent and well enjoyed by your visitors. The line of unusual products for sale include personal products such as lemony fragrant men's after shave. Or try the delicious bitter lime cordial with brown sugar as a mixer with vodka. (You'll have to buy the vodka somewhere else.) For the breakfast table choose from a selection of jams, fruit flavored teas, honeys and "Emperor's Choice" superior hand-roasted coffee beans. In the future, you may even be able to buy Jalapeno peppers now being grown in the Siamese Traders' experimental farm.

Siamese Traders Tea Pavilion is located near the Lanna Hospital. Drive down the Soi and turn right on Soi 2. Drive toward the ancient who tree and look for the sign with the elephant logo.

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