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Sights of Mae Chan,
Mae Sai, and Chiang Saen

Here are some photos of the sights you con look forward to seeing on your visit to Mae Chan, Mae Sai and Chiang Saen districts all located in Chiang Rai Province. From Chiang Mai city a drive along the highway takes a little over three hours to reach Chiang Rai is only a little over three hours. You can drive by yourself or travel by VIP tour coach.

Khum Tikhamporn Lodge, a bread and breakfast loedge in Mae Chan.

If you are driving by yourself, stay at the newly opened Khum Tipkampon (pronounced as Khoom Tipkaamporn) a Bread and Breakfast lodge shown above and located at the kilometer 866 marker in Mae Chan. You can stay in the vintage 80 year old house or stay in one of four cottages. Each unit has modern clean facilities. Many sights to visit in the Mae Chan area.

View of the mighty Mae Khong river from Chiang Sean viewpoint.With your base at Khum Tipkampon, you can drive to Chiang Saen a small village that sits on the mighty Mae Khong River, the third longest river in the world. Standing at the viewpoint in Chiang Saen, you can almost reach out and touch the physical borders of Burma and Laos. You can get even closer on a longtail boat ride. Contact any of the travel agencies in this magazine for more information.

In the Center of Chiang Saen is a National Museum filled with examples of ancient treasures and revolving exhibitions. Stop to admire ancient ruins of a long ago dynasty nearby.

Treasures of the past at the Chiang Saen National Museum.

The rich vibrant colors of this dramatic culture are glorious at the promenade of elephants and gold Buddhas reflecting in the tropical sun. The carved towers standing here represent age old cities in the great Mekong region starting with the word Chiang or New : Chiang Tung, Chiang Saen, Chiang Khong, Chiang Rai, and Chiang Mai.

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