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The Regional Wing of Singapore Airlines

SILK AIR TOOK TO the skies in 1989, providing scheduled services for holiday-makers to five destinations in Thailand and Malaysia. From its humble beginnings as the tours and travel arm of Singapore Airlines in 1975, it has grown to become the major regional carrier serving a variety of exotic Asian destinations.

SilkAir today is known as the region's most advanced fleet. It operates eight aircraft made up of Airbus A320, Boeing B737-300 and Fokker F70 jet aircraft. Its a transit hub of over 100 scheduled flights a week to 19 exciting destinations in the region. Business class service was introduced in 1992, making SilkAir a full-fledged regional airline.

SilkAir first began service to Chiangmai four years ago in 1995 and currently operates four flights weekly with direct service to the airline's hub in Singapore. SilkAir scheduled flights connects to 19 of the most exotic locations in Asia. If you and your family have been thinking of seeing more of the diverse Asian region, we recommend planning your next holiday to a "discover undiscovered destinations" certain to be a learning experience such as one of the following:

Langkawi - "Malaysia's lovely islands of legend"
Cebu - "Fiesta land of the southern Philippines"
Davao - "Cultural melting pot of southern Mindanao, the Philippines"
Yangon - Capital of Myanmar (Burma) "Land of pagodas and paddy fields"
Medan - "Gateway to north Sumatra's lakes, volcanoes and jungles"
Manado - "Indonesia's diving paradise"
Pekanbaru - "Heartland of traditional Malay culture"
Padang - "Sumatra's spicy heart and the magnificent Minang highlands"
Solo - "Heartland of Indonesia's ancient court culture"
Ujung Pandang - "Cultural gateway to south Sulawesi"
Balikpapan - "First step to adventure in Kalimantan - Indonesia"
Phnom Penh - "Gateway to the glories of the Khmer kingdom of Cambodia"
Xiamen - "Charming old sea port on China's southeast coast"
Kunming - "China's dramatic land of mountains and gorges"
Trivandrum - "South India's most exotic retreat"

In addition to the list of the above unusual destinations, you can also recommend your visitors to Chiangmai that SilkAir covers:

Singapore - "The exciting face of new Asia"
Chiang Mai - "Beautiful rose of Thailand's north"
Phuket - "Thailand's magical island paradise"
Hatyai - "Pulsating center of Thailand's deep south"

SilkAir has won many awards, including being voted as Best Airline (Regional) three consecutive times, in 1995, 1996 and 1997. At the "TravelAsia Breakthrough Awards 1998", SilkAir reaped Regional Airline of the Year honors.

The Chiangmai Office of SilkAir is managed by Mr. Wilson Tan and it is located at the long established Imperial Mae Ping Hotel. Stop in to pick up a wealth of information about the 19 little known but unique destinations serviced by SilkAir and start planning your future holiday.

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