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Sinativa Spa Club ... Caring for You

Located on a quiet lane in the residential neighborhood off Srimangkalajarn Road is the Sinativa Spa Club. In 1997 before spas and wellness centers were located in the city of Chiangmai, Sinativa was the spot providing healthy skin care treatments to residents of Chiangmai by Ms. Pornthip.

Sinativa is a well known brand of natural cosmetics formulated in Switzerland. Sinativa offers a full range of massage products include skin detoxification, facial treatment, relaxing aroma massage oils and effective anti cellulite products. Clients at the Spa Club have the option of choosing Sinativa products or the products made from the Wisdom of local Thai handed down by generations.

The spa is housed in a lovely old Lanna Thai residence on Soi 9. The entrance and reception area is a relaxing place to sit and drink herbal beverage. The receptionist fluent in English will review your needs and go over the spa menu. At the moment there are ten suggested treatment packages offering benefits for everyone who want to enjoy pampering and rejuvenation. Those who choose aroma oil massage will be able to select the fragrance most appealing to their sense such as lavender, rose, jasmine or a combination of oils for relaxation. Other treatment options are the Shiatsu and the hot stone massage varieties.

On the first floor are the changing rooms and lockers. After changing into a sarong and soft cotton slippers, you will be ready for jacuzzi or a session in one of the three herbal steam rooms. No waiting for that wonderful fragrant service.

On the second floor, the treatment rooms each have twin treatment beds and each room has a bathroom with shower. Each shower is provided with shower cream and shampoo for clients’ convenience. The rooms are quiet with low lighting and just a soft hum of “green” music.

Generally, Thai therapists are in great demand around the world because of their gentle smiles and innate caring nature. The therapists at Sinativa Club Spa are put through a thorough training and apprenticeship before being left on their own with a client. Those trained in this art are required to cultivate thirteen points of attitude and method as they learn the basics and move on to apprenticeship. The method is the foundation of proper practise.

It’s a dream of every woman to look slim and fit. Those clients who are concerned with reducing celluilite will use the Sinativa product developed with exceptional compounds. The treatment will start with a session in the steam room, follow by the cellulite treatment employing a specific type of massage targeted to reduce lymphatic problems which removes accumulated fluid. The increase in circulation will assist with treatments on a regular basis. After the session, an herbal drink is offered to the client. The client is encouraged to return to the steam room after the massage treatment enabling the compounds to work further on the warmed skin.

Although the aromatherapy oil massage packages are popular with women, men often choose the traditional Thai massage. Some of the innumerable physical, mental, psychological benefits help detoxification of the body and boost immune system. Thai Massage is an ancient therapeutic procedure which provides relaxation, balance in the body’s various centers, healthy blood circulation, and an overall manipulation of the physical form and structure of the body. Although in English the word massage is used, the essence of Thai Massage is very different from what we generally associate with the word. Whereas most traditional western and eastern massage practices focus on tissue manipulation and the working of the muscles and joints, Thai Massage barely touches on either of these. It is rather a working of the pressure points, energy lines, and basic body forces which produce a therapeutic effect.

Traditional healing has always sought to treat the whole person body, mind, and spirit. Recent years have brought a resurgence of interest in the ways of old as people, pushed to the edge by modern stresses, seek once more that inner balance and harmony, looking deeper than the treating of symptoms alone for a more holistic approach. Chiangmai is known as a medical health hub throughout the region of greater Asia.

Attentively yours :

  1. Aromatic oil massage + Herbal steam / jet Jacuzzi.
  2. Shiatsu relaxing + Herbal stream / jet Jacuzzi.
  3. Aromatic oil massage or Shiatsu + Eastern Head massage + Herbal stream / jet Jacuzzi.
  4. Aromatic oil massage + Facial Full Course or Shiatsu.
  5. Aromatic oil massage + Body Scrub or Eastern Head massage.
  6. Facial Full Course + Foot Reflexology/Eastern Head massage.
  7. Aromatic oil massage + Shiatsu relaxing.
SINATIVA SPA Club, 22/1 Nimanhemin Rd., (or use the parallel road Sirimangklajarn), Soi 9. Natural treatments in Resort Atmosphere. Tel. 053-217928, 086-659-2545. Spacious teak residence. Call for free pick up.

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