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Singing Crystal Bowls


The wings of a cricket, the string of a guitar or other instruments played by a gifted musician can create the most beautiful melodies. Everything that moves creates sound, from the smallest molecule to the universe itself creates vibration, eg. sound. The haunting sound of singing crystal bowls is touching the essence of the soul, bringing up memories of ancient times, of life itself.

Most religions refer to sound as the tool that brought forth the universe. In the beginning was the word (sound)…”

Music is organized sound. Virtually all cultures have used the powers of music therapeutically. In the past several hundred years the role of music became only one for entertainment. Only recently has the use of sound been rediscovered as a powerful healing mode in our modern world.

The vibration of sound can reduce pain and stress and ease the disharmony between the physical and subtle body. Crystal singing bowl are very powerful sound healing instruments, but there are many other ways of sound healing. Sound has a healing or destructing effect. This is very impressive stated and documented in Masaru Emoto’s book: “The hidden Message of Water” where he has captured pictures of ice crystals from water that was exposed to sound and other information.

Each time I play, all the dogs come running… they enjoy the healing sound tremendously!

Why is sound healing so powerful? Every healthy organ and body-part creates a natural resonant frequency with the rest of the body. Each person has his/her own sound or frequency. We often talk about other peoples “wave length” and that we do or don’t resonate with them. This we can understand literally. Disease is the state when there is disharmony between the frequency of a certain organ or body part and the whole. With disease, a different sound pattern is established and affects first this particular part of the body or organ. If this disharmony is not corrected, eventually the whole body gets ill. Sound can be projected directly into the body-parts where there is pain, for example by toning forks or rays of colored light (color = visible sound), or include the whole body, so disharmony can be correct and the harmonic sound pattern can restore health.

The universe is composed of spinning wheels of energy, and every person has 7 major spinning wheels, called chakras, connecting the physical with the subtle body. We can measure their electromagnetic activities that assimilate and transmit life energy. The 7 chakras reflect essential aspects of consciousness forming the master programs that govern our lives.

Anodea Judith delivers a comprehensive treatise that is scientific, cultural psychological and esoteric in her book:  “Wheels of life”. Beside the healing effect for the body, with the Singing Crystal bowls tuned to the 7 chakras, we are able to stabilize the interaction and harmony of the 7 chakras and improve life quality and health.

Singing Crystal bowls are harmonizing and healing for mind and body. Many people have experienced the soothing and healing sound of Singing Crystal bowls and numerous books have been written on sound therapy. People have tested the healing energy of music and sound since the beginning of time.

Therefore the conclusion: Healing with sound will be a major therapy form part of our future medicine.

In the lovely and quiet setting in Chiang Rai, you can book sessions with the singing bowls. For more information contact Katharina Bless: Phone 053 702 358 or 086 923 1500, web site: www.healingsounds.info

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