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Mural Paintings of The
Traditional Chiangmai Songkran Festival

ONE OF THE NICEST things about temple murals is the glimpse they give into everyday life one hundred years ago. Some historians say the scenes are "like having a 100-year old video." About 40 to 50% of the space may be filled with scenes from everyday life such as, people playing games, doing domestic chores, at leisure in their homes or on the street, going to market and other activities.

One of activities depicted is the Songkran Festival held annually on April 10 - 15. The paintings on the left-hand side are typical important activities Lanna people must follow when enjoying this festival. Let's enjoy the Year of Rabbit, B.E. 2542

10-15 April

  • Merit making by pouring scented lustral water on the Pra Singh Buddha image.
  • Merit making by venerating the Buddha image specific to the day of the week of a person's birth.
  • Presentations and exhibitions of traditional Lanna Thai arts and culture.
All ceremonies and performances held at these places : Wat Prasingh Woramahawiharn, Wat Chedi Luang, Tha Pae Gate, Tha Pae Road, the Buddhist Association of Chiangmai.

11 April

  • Traditional drum and gong competition in procession.
  • Performance and exhibition of traditional Lanna arts and culture.

12 April

  • Demonstration of various local, traditional entertainment forms in performance.
  • Competition of drum and gong music to accompany the fingernail dance.

13 April

  • Cultural performance, 'Lanna Thai in the Past'.
  • Beauty contest of traditionally costumed girls on bicycles and food vendors contest.
  • The Parade of the Pra Singh Buddha images and other important Buddha Images.
  • Beauty contest for traditionally costumed children.

14 April

  • Building of sand chedis in various temple courtyards.
  • Competition for the construction of the most beautiful sand chedi
  • Traditional drumming competition
  • Miss Songkran beauty contest and Mr. Songkran weight lifter contest
  • Ceremony of pouring water over the hands of the revered monk Luang-Paw Pra Tham Diloke and the Governor of Chiangmai to pay respect.
Visitors are welcome to join in the customs and fun of Songkran. Please be gentle in water-play and respect local customs and traditions by dressing politely when joining in the festival.r

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