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Southern Breeze

Thai Tourism Road Show to Tour Europe and
Restore Tourist Confidence in Southern Thailand.

Open your Eyes to
Smiles of Welcome and
Happiness on Earth.

Southern Breeze is composed of a volunteer group of young Thai Cultural Artistes performing for charity and dedicated to helping promote Thai culture and tourism. Their primary goal is to help Southern Thailand and Thai Tourism recover from theTsunami crisis.

Their Roadshow plans to tour major cities of Europe in the Summer of 2005 arranging Thai cultural performances and tourism promotions.

As a charity project they are dependent on the generosity of the government and private sector. They hope donors will be kind in supporting Southern Breeze in their volun-teer mission to restore tourist confidence in Southern Thailand.

Artistes: Southern Breeze: +661-884-7270, nalinta@loxinfo.co.th Promoters: Viang Kaew Performing Arts: +661-883-9797, ghqwaa01@loxinfo.co.th.


Southern Breeze

Southern Breeze: Bringing relief to Southern Thailand Southern Breeze is a group of Thai volunteer cultural artistes working for charity to promote Thai culture and tourism. In particular they are dedicated to helping tourism in Southern Thailand recover from the Tsunami crisis and presenting a positive image of Thai womanhood.

The artistes call themselves Southern Breeze as always when the situation in Southern Thailand seems to get a little too hot to comfortably bear then suddenly the Southern Breeze comes from nowhere to bring comfort and refreshment to all.

Tsunami Crisis in Southern Thailand As Thais they suffered with their friends and families in Southern Thailand during the Tsunami crisis last December. But now three months on, the problem is not the lack of cash donations as Thai and international donors have been most generous. What is really hurting them most now is the lack of tourists and other visitors who used to be the mainstay of their day to day livelihoods. Southern Breeze realised that no recovery from the tsunami was possible unless they could help to restore the faith and confidence of tourists and the international community and convince them to visit Thailand again.

Top performing artistes for Tourism Authority Thailand (TAT) As performing artistes, they have considerable experience in promoting Thai tourism overseas. They have taken part in Thai tourism promotions organised by Tourism Authority Thailand and ThaiAirways International in the USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh and Australia.

The dances they perform are Contemporary Thai Folk dance in style although they also perform dances from all regions of Thailand as well as from neighbouring countries. They have created new dances for Southern Breeze which combine the grace and beauty of traditional Thai dance with a modern and exciting flavour. Models in the group will be arranging fashion shows to highlight Thailand's exciting fashion scene. Through the grace of Thai dance, the beauty of Thai costume and their professional presentations on tourism subjects, they are confident they will project a new image of Thai women.

Thai Tourism Road Show They decided to organise a Thai Tourism Road Show to travel to countries, such as the UK and Europe, which are major source countries for tourism to Thailand, in order to convince and charm them that it was safe to visit Thailand and enjoy the many natural cultural attractions she had to offer. The plan is to join up with Thai festival organizers, Thai restaurants and Thai Travel agents in the UK and Europe and set up events and activities to promote Thai tourism, culture and cuisine. The Southern Breeze Thai Tourism Road Show will include vital information resources to promote Thai Tourism and a positive Thai image abroad.

The Road Show plans to be in Europe for two months during July-September 2005.

The Thai Tourism Road Show will be composed of:

Minibus (rented) decorated with Visit Thailand Happiness on Earth banners Six Cultural Artistes (Dancer/Model/ Handicraft Demo/Tourism Promotion) Dance Costumes Thai Fashion Designs Thai Handicraft Demonstrations Sound/Lighting Equipment Mini-Booth and Poster Boards Brochures and Information Sheets including those from sponsoring agencies such as tourism organizations, airlines and hotels.

For further information or to make donations please contact Southern Breeze: +661-884-7270 nalinta@loxinfo.co.th.

Overseas Promotion by: Viang Kaew Performing Arts +6653-404084, +661-883-9797, Fax: +6653-404085, email: ghqwaa01@loxinfo.co.th.

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