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The Steepled Roof Palace

Just off the Super Highway, in the CBP (Chiangmai Business Park complex entrance beside Carrefour Hypermarket), is a major dining, relaxation and entertainment venue in the elegant, traditional style of Thailand. It is the Khum Kantoke and Plub Pla Restaurants. "Plub Pla" means the special place, or Palace, for nobility. And treated like nobility you will be.

To the front of the venue is a lotus filled, moat like water barrier and this is crossed by a little bridge into the central courtyard area. To the left is the Khum Khantoke Restaurant where many tour groups enjoy an evening of dining to cultural Thai dancing and music. However, to the right, is the Plub Pla Restaurant which caters exclusively to individuals who appreciate quality a la carte dining in superb surroundings. The restaurant building rises like a Thai temple, from the burnished glow of the doors to the glistening, pale gray ceramic tiles of the high-steeple roof, it is magnificent. Fountains play and giant water-jars cascade in the forecourt. It has a cool, refreshing feeling.

As one enters the air-conditioned interior, a smiling waiter or waitress will bid you "Sawadee" and escort you to a table. The table settings, on crisp, white nappery, are modern Thai with polished "Humming Bird" cutlery and gleaming Royal Thai Porcelain tableware. Above, the ceiling is finished in paneled wood with soft, recessed lighting peeping through golden stars. A beautiful setting! Waiters and waitresses, most with an understanding of English, are discreetly and quietly efficient. The girls are uniformed in pale lemon, lace blouses and iridescent, Thai style pantaloons while the boys are smart in high collared, white jackets and similar silken pantaloons.

It's wonderful to dine with such a feeling of Thai opulence and luxury so diners cannot help but inspect and admire the surroundings. The windows of the "L" shaped dining room are in polished, bevel edged glass with a mock shutter, wood surround which features a padded brocade like inlay. High backed, brocaded dining chairs ensure dining comfort and the expanse of floor is finished in cream, ceramic tiles with a bottle green lotus bud motif. From the dark wood timber and glow of burnished gold leaf, it is truly a restaurant fit for a King and his Council.

Of course, any restaurant is finally judged by its menu and quality of food. Plub Pla is not a disappointment. The a la carte menu (in English & Thai) offers a stunning selection of genuine Thai cuisine which doesn't mean overly spicy so it is entirely suitable to visitor tastes. And each order, from savory soups to colorful salads to feather light desserts and fruits, is prepared from the finest, freshest ingredients and beautifully presented. Table d'Hotel set menus are also available for families, or small business parties, who wish to dine as a unit.

Everyone enjoys dining like a King and, as a visitor to Chiangmai, a luncheon or dinner experience at the Plub Pla Restaurant is sure to enrich your holiday impressions of noble dining in truly Thai opulence. Enjoy!

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