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 erraMater Chilean wines at The Chedi Hotel in Chiang Mai.

The Chedi Chiang Mai Hotel and the Wine Connection recently hosted the introduction of TerraMater Chilean wines. This memorable evening began with a wine reception featuring hors d’oeuvres fresh ocean trout. This was followed by a sensational four course dinner featuring delightful wines from TerraMater selections. Export Manager Jose Montes selected wines that were paired with the four course Western set dinner prepared by Executive Chef Blair.

TerraMater was the first Chilean wine producer to achieve a ‘Gold Award’ at the prestigious in Brussels, Belgium for its Reserva Sangiovesa 2003. There were five TerraMater wines from Chile; Paso Del Sol Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Del Sol Chardonnay, TerraMater Shiraz-Cabernet, TerrraMater Reserva Shiraz and TerraMater Reserva Chardonnay. (Descriptions follow.)

Eleanor Hardy, Chedi General Manager and Pierre de Pimodan, Wine Connection Sales Manager graciously welcomed all guests to the intimate Old Consulate Lounge. The lucky invited guests were restaurateurs, artists and boutique hoteliers from Chiang Mai.

The excellent dinner was prepared by Chef Blair and his team was served in the vintage building of Old Consulate, The Restaurant. The elegant interior of dark wood and cast iron touches maintain the unique character of the grand mansion.

The candlelight dinner started with Vine Leaf Wrapped Quail a combination of carrot, pine nut, currant and mint salad, pomegranate molasses. Served with Chardonnay Reserva 2006. Char grilled Kangaroo Loin served with soft polenta, red pepper relish served with Merlot 2006. Herbcrusted Lamb Rack included goat cheese mash, blood plum reduction, asparagus. Served with Shiraz Cabernet 2005. For dessert, Coconut Panna Cotta was passionfruit jelly, pineapple crisp, and lime sherbert.

Later, guests were pleased to speak with Chef Blair who answered curious questions about the unusual meats we had just enjoyed that evening. Chef let us in on some cooking secrets for the inspirational dishes. Such as when preparing the Chargrilled kangaroo a marinade of juniper berries is a must and the lamb was fed only on milk and grass from New Zealand. The good news four our readers is that all the above dishes are on the ala carte menu of Old Consulate.

The fine TerraMater collection of wines are available at Wine Connection, in the Nim City Daily Plaza on Mahidol Road. Tel. 053-201252.

Photos by Steve Yarnold

TerraMater located in the heart of Chile’s finest wine growing regions at Isla de Maipo-Curico have belonged to the TerraMater family for decades. The 500 hectares of prime vineyards, pure water from the Andean mountains and exceptional luminosity provide the winery with top quality grapes. TerraMater is the Chilean wine brand that specializes on blends that are truly innovative, attractive and interesting.

Paso del Sole

The “Passing of the Sun” conjures up the image of a lazy, effortless journey through sun drenched days and cool refreshing nights which naturally swells the grapes to bursting with ripe fruit flavors to produce easy drinking, vibrant wines of wide appeal.

Paso del Sol Sauvignon Blanc 2005

A marvelously aromatic pale straw with green tinges, lively fresh dry white wine with fresh grassy nose with notes of green apple, melon and zippy gooseberry aromas. Crisp refreshing palate with good persistent finish. Delicious as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to light salads, fish and sea food dishes or char-grilled vegetables also poultry dishes.

Paso del Sol Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

A superbly ripe and juicy red wine filled with delicious cassis, plums and fresh berry flavors. It has a soft fruit driven palate with a smooth velvety finish. Excellent with a wide variety of rich, savory food such as roast beef, hearty meat and game casseroles, steaks and mature cheeses.

Paso del Sol Merlot 2005

A beautiful soft, vibrant red wine with ripe plum and a particularly red berries nose and flavours. It is wonderfully smooth and easy drinking. Excellent with a wide variety of savory foods; especially rich in casseroles, roast meats and tomato-based pasta dishes as well as mild cheeses

Paso del Sol Carm่n้re 2005

A deliciously juicy, mouth filling easy drinking red wine. Deep ruby red in color, it is rich in black berries with bundles of sweet red fruit on the nose. It has a long smooth velvety finish with soft tannins. Excellent with grilled meats, pizza, rich beef and game casseroles and a wide variety of savory dishes.

Paso del Sol Cabernet Sauvignon Rose 2004

A crisp and refreshing strawberry colored wine packed with succulent, ripe juicy red berry fruit flavours. Full palate and long aftertaste. Excellent as an aperitif and salads or with chicken and salmon dishes as well as Chinese or less spicy Thai dishes.


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