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A Return to Balance and Energy

WHILE IN CHIANG MAI, get away from your busy life-style at ampur Doi Saket's Tao Garden Healing Arts Resort & Spa, a unique place to enjoy beautiful nature and do something for your wellness at the same time. Every Sunday is visitor's day from 10.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m. Just phone ahead to the staff of Tao Garden Healing Arts Resort & Spa who will be pleased to arrange for your FREE tour of its beautifully landscaped 80 acre recreation facility. If you choose to visit in the morning, plan on a delicious organic lunch buffet and salad bar for 150 Baht per person. The dining hall is open at 1.00 p.m.

For repeat visitors to northern Thailand, this facility offers something different to do while vacationing in the Land of Smiles. It's your chance to do something very positive and essential for your health and well-being at the same time.

Tao Garden Healing Arts Resort & Spa is a quiet, modern, smoke-, alcohol- and drug-free environment offering integrated Western and Eastern methods for stress relief, prevention, recovery, vitality and peak performance. Tucked among lotus ponds, fountains, bridges, pavilions, papayas, bananas, flowers and rice fields, Tao Garden Healing Arts Resort & Spa guests can take advantage of features like Ayurvedic clinic, bookstore and self-help library, massage and fitness rooms, Thai herbal steam sauna, tennis courts, swimming pool and open-air octagonal dining hall.

All buildings are made from local materials, environmentally balanced according to Feng Shui principles. Tranquil ponds, jogging trails, Meditation and Qi Gong halls add to an ambiance of harmony and serenity. Walking and bicycling are the healthy means of getting around in the resort area.

Tao Garden Healing Arts Resort & Spa professional health services include: clinical diagnostics and therapies such as colonics, floatation room, traditional Thai- and specialty massages, reflexology, courses, training, guided meditations, Qi Gong, lectures, conference and wedding services. The Resort was founded by internationally acclaimed award-winning health educator and bestselling self-help author Mantak Chia from Bangkok.

At the Tao Garden Healing Arts Resort & Spa, the therapists' ability to marry the elements of East with West allows for a great complement of treatments to take. The most popular treatments requested by international guests are Colonic Hydrotherapy, Parasite Reduction and Ozone Oxygen Therapy. These offer the chance to rid the body of toxins.

To reduce bacteria and parasites, vibration patches are placed on the body. The nurse/therapist Ms. Pim speaks English and is very attentive. Her assistant Miss Porn mildly massages the abdominal area. The treatment lasts about 20 minutes and I felt no pain or strange sensations.

Before the Ozone Oxygen Therapy and after the treatment a urine sample is checked for the pH level. Also before the treatment blood pressure is measured. I sat in a large wooden steam cabinet. The treatment lasts about 40 minutes and it's very hot inside the cabinet. Throughout the attentive therapist treatment wiped my face with a cool cloth and often placed another cool cloth on top of my head. She also helped me with sips of water to balance my internal temperature. While sitting in the cabinet, I applied even more oxygen direct to my body with a furnished device.

After the treatment while taking a shower, I noticed a grainy feel on my thighs, behind and arms. I couldn't see anything unusual. I was hoping it was horrid cellulite toxins coming up through the surface. Then I realized that If I had known of this (much longed for) benefit, I wouldn't have wished the treatment over too quickly. (Perhaps the "cellulite melt" was my imagination, but I eagerly booked another Ozone Oxygen Therapy.)

I went to the dining hall where the buffet offered organic vegetables, shrimp, chicken, and fish raised on the grounds. The buffet presents both vegetarian and healthy non-vegetarian cuisine. The fish and chicken served have been raised at the resort and are chemical-free. The drinking water is filtered and purified through reverse osmosis.

At 2 p.m., it was time for the colonics treatment. Mrs. Yutha, a staff lecturer, said this (as well as the Ozone treatment) was the specialty of Tao Garden Healing Arts Resort & Spa. Miss Pim the nurse/therapist had worked at Maharaj Hospital for the past 15 years and she has worked at Tao Garden Healing Arts Resort & Spa for the past two years. She was proud of the professional colonic apparatus used at the Tao Garden Healing Arts Resort & Spa. This is the only second cleansing unit in Thailand.

At appropriate intervals during the treatment, Miss Porn gently massaged the abdominal area. The water cleansing treatment lasts 30 minutes after which a solution of coffee is administered. After the session, one is invited to sit and relax. Another hospitality-extra is the fresh yogurt and a glass of aloe vera or coconut juice served after treatment to comfort the system. Not ever having a cleansing before, I found the sessions to be more comfortable than I expected. I had a sound sleep that evening knowing I was finally undergoing this treatment.

For breakfast I selected whole wheat toast with cashew nut butter, fruit and hot ginger tea. Later, I had Chi Nei Tsang, a method to clear blocked energy. (It's referred to as Auntie Jid's massage by the staff). Chi, the life-force energy, moves through the body's internal channels, nervous system, blood vessels, and lymph glands. These systems concentrate and cross paths in the abdomen which acts as their control center. Tensions, worries, and stresses of the day, month, and year accumulate there and are seldom dispersed. These disturbances can cause physical tingling and knotting of the nerves, blood vessels, and lymph nodes. The result is the gradual obstruction of energy circulation. The massage quickly releases negative emotions, tensions and sicknesses, brings comfort and relief to the abdomen and vital energy to the internal organs.

At the end of the 3-day treatment course, I felt increased lightness and agility. I could bend from the waist and easily touch the floor with my fingers. The treatments were successful. My tummy felt flat and no gurgling sounds were heard. My mood greatly improved with the loss of 2 kilos. Additionally, this detoxification created in me an awareness to put an end to unhealthy late evening eating habits to maintain this light feeling.

In the resort's on-site shop, visitors will find self-help books, videotapes, CDs, DVDs on wellness, and many other hard to find useful wellness products.

Address: 274 Moo 7, Luang Nua, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai 50220, Thailand. Tel. (66) (53) 495-596 to 9, Fax. (66) (53) 495-852, Email: info@tao-garden.com

For a view of Tao Garden Healing Arts Resort & Spa point your browser to: www.tao-garden.com

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