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The Tao Garden
Healing Arts Resort & Spa

 NOW THAT YOU ARE in Chiangmai, take this opportunity to get to know the Tao Garden Healing Arts Resort & Spa. The internationally known retreat is a world that is exciting to discover. This is a sanctuary to learn how to care for yourself through healthy life-style. A variety of courses, treatments and massage are offered.

The accommodations are individual residences built in beautiful adobe bricks. The Feng Shui designed garden enhances the innate harmony of the center. Throughout the entire garden, the landscaping is maintained by 30 gardeners to give an idea on the size of the estate and the price in maintaining this serene spot. The length of stay is left to the visitor and the course can be one day or more.

 To get the most benefit from the courses, the facilitators have carefully structured the course of study to enhance the student's efforts. When followed carefully and each person will be richly rewarded.

Through years of research and development Tao Garden Healing Arts Resort & Spa has designed and implemented a series of specialized massage therapy treatments that target specific afflictions of the human body. Due to hectic life-style treatments most sought out treatments include: acupuncture, relief of menopause syndrome, effective herbal alternative therapy treatment of Diabetes mellitus and parasite cleansing. At the center of beauty and spa massage you will feel rejuvenated and experience complete satisfaction. Open air massage rooms are set over ponds with the gentle splashing to induce relaxation. The selection of Preventive treatments include: Tendon Oil and Herbal Therapy, Kra Sai (Genital Massage) Treatment, Colon Hydrotherapy, Ozone Oxygen Therapy and Medical

Microscopy-Live Blood Analysis.

 Ayurvedic Medicine is to help people heal themselves. Ayurveda is "The mother of all healing arts" on our planet, because it predates all healing systems and all forms of natural medicine. It was developed in India some 5,000 to 10,000 years ago. Knowledge of Ayurveda has been recorded in two of the vedic texts: the Atharva veda, and the Rig veda, which are more than 5,000 years old. It was many years later that other cultures studied Ayurveda and created their own healing systems, i.e. China, Tibet, Egypt, Africa, and other regions.

A unique quality of Ayurveda is that healing is promoted by balancing the different energies in the body. These are known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha (the "Doshas" or body humors). The Doshas are the three main combinations of the five elements (ether, air, fire, water, and earth). These five elements in the body can be balanced through diet and herbs that possess the essence of each element. Vata is air and ether and it is the element that moves the energies and nutrients in the body. Pitta is mainly fire and it is in charge of metabolism and digestion of gross nutrients and energies. Kapha represents water and earth and its main function is to provide strength and development of tissues at all levels in the body.

 So finally according to ayurveda health means a complete state of happy relaxed mind and soul with balanced humors and "tissues". This concept on deeper thought, it takes the modern human wisdom to farthest of molecular biology.

This is the only Resort of Healing Arts in southeast Asia. For more detailed explanation, call 053-495 596-9 and ask for information in English or Thai. You are welcome to drop by the Tao Garden Healing Arts Resort & Spa to enjoy a wide range of health services available. 274 Moo 7, Luang Nua, Doi Saket, Chiangmai 50220 Take Route 1019 (Chiangmai - Doi Saket) drive past the intersection toward Doi Saket district Office, look for the signs, at the irrigation canal turn left. (Roughly 20 kms from Arcade Bus Station on the superhighway.). e-mail: info@tao-garden.com. Visit the web sites: www.tao-garden.com.

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