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Tasty family favorites: recipes from The Grandmas Thai Recipes Cooking School

Recently, The Grandmas Thai Recipes Cooking School was visited by the eight members of the Lunch Bunch. Three generations of restauranteurs present hands on, authentic Thai cooking instruction there. The Lunch Bunch gals’ cooking abilities ranged from great to those who have not cooked since they settled in Chiangmai. Why cook when there are so many wonderful restaurants with prices ranging according to any amount in your pocket.

First the group was served with a choice of three types of herbal tea. Bale fruit (มะตูม), Krajiab (กระเจี๊ยบ) and Pandanus (ใบเตย). Then, it was over to the work stations for dicing and pounding in the mortar. The best thing about cooking here was that all ingredients were prepared and waiting in small cups. The cooks only need to measure out the different spices or vegetables.

The cooking instructor, Mrs. Jib, had a wealth of information about the benefits of the ingredients or when to add items during the cooking processs. Khun Yai, or grandma, demonstrated how to use the wok when cooking up the gaeng keo wan. Each student was on her own at a cooking station.

Finally, after the session at the stove, the women sat down to enjoy their own preparation of som taam (ส้มตำ) and gaeng khiew waan (แกงเขียวหวาน) plus on the dining table was the combination of nine vegetables dish, and lovely paat thai noodles. For dessert the ever popular gluay cheaum (กล้วยเชื่อม) topped with coconut cream for a sweet ending to the meal. You can tell from the photos the setting is charming and rural and a great learning experience.

Check out the website of The Grandmas Thai Recipes Cooking School for the cooking classes available. Also, The Grandmas Thai Recipes Cooking School offers evening khantoke dinner setting with the additional benefit of a hands-on cooking session. This is an unusual party theme can be arranged for up to 18 people. The Grandmas Thai Recipes Cooking School, 265 Moo 3, Don Kaew, Mae Rim. Tel. 086-915-4286, 053-121-656, Fax. 053-121-929.

Papaya Salad (Som Taam)


Thai Garlic, Fresh Green or Red Small Bird Chilies, Small Dried Shrimp, Long Green Beans, Small Tomato Wedges, Thinly Sliced (or Thickly) Shredded Papaya, Fish Sauce, Palm Sugar, Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice. (For extra flavor, slice lime wedges, squeeze juice in mortar, and add wedges with skin).


Roasted Peanuts, Raw Cabbage, Long Green Bean


1. Add garlic, chilies, and small dried shrimp into mortar and pound until broken.

2. Break the long beans into 1 inch pieces. Add to mortar with tomato.

3. Pound and fold mixture.

4. Add papaya, fish sauce, palm sugar, fresh squeezed lime juice (with wedges if you like).

5. Pound and fold the mixture well.

6. Serve and top with roasted peanuts.

Green Curry (Gaeng Khiew Waan)


Coconut Milk, Sliced Meat, Green Curry Paste.

Grandma’s Secret Ingredient: Black Pepper Corns, Coriander Seeds, Cumin Seeds. *(Add all three ingredients in mortar and pound until powdered).

Sugar, Sweet Basil Leaves, Large sliced Red Chili Pepper, Small Green Round Eggplant in chunks, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Fish Sauce.


1. Heat coconut milk to boil in saucepan until cream and milk separate.

2. Scrape cream from top and add ผ cup to wok.

3. Heat in wok on medium heat and add curry paste to taste. (More curry paste = more spice)

4. Mix well until strong curry aroma.

5. Add meat abd cook until done.

6. Add 1cup coconut milk and turn heat to high. Mix well.

7. Add eggplant, Kaffir lime leaves, and Red Chili. Stir until mixed.

8. Turn heat to low.

9. Add Grandma’s secret ingredient, Sugar, and fish sauce. (Sugar and fish sauce to taste)

10. Turn heat off.

11. Add sweet basil and mix well.

12. Top with coconut cream for beauty

13. Ready to eat

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