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Direct to Singapore on Tiger Airways

TRAFFIC ON HANG DONG road screeched to a halt on Friday the 18th of February as, with a spine-chilling roar, the first tiger to be seen in Chiang Mai for almost a century leapt over startled motorists, cleared the perimeter fence and raced up the runway of the Chiang Mai International Airport.

The latest low fare airline, Tiger Airways' inaugural flight from Singapore to Chiang Mai had arrived.

Among the 115 passengers on board was Tiger Airlines President and Chief Executive Officer, Tony Davis, who, at the relatively tender age of 38, has already 18 years experience in the airline business. As the founding Managing Director of the successful British no-frills carrier, bmibaby, Tony earned his stripes long before joining Tiger Airlines (TR).

In one of the most competitive markets in the industry, Tony reared bmibaby from the hopeful offshoot of British Midland Airways to a fleet of 14 aircraft serving 26 destinations in the United Kingdom, Ireland and continental Europe.

"This is my first visit to Chiang Mai, and it certainly won't be my last," said Tony on arrival. "Coming here will give me a chance to improve on my golf and horse riding, while indulging in a lifelong passion for Thai food," he said. "Chiang Mai is a very popular tourist destination for Singaporeans, and Singapore is a popular destination for both business and leisure travelers from Chiang Mai. We are thrilled to begin scheduled flights between these two great cities and to provide the best value in the industry."

He explained how the airline's marketing people had run a campaign in Singapore to coincide with the inaugural flight to Chiang Mai. "We had a local radio station announce a ‘Tiger hunt' in Orchard road, over lunchtime. Listeners who could spot members of Tiger Airlines staff were given free, flight coupon to the destination of Chiang Mai. We gave away 100 tickets within half an hour," said the CEO.

Tiger Airways took to the skies last September, with its inaugural flight from Singapore to Bangkok. The airline now serves four destinations: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Hat Yai, with a fleet of four new Airbus A320 aircraft.

Singapore-based Tiger Airlines will operate four flights a week between Chiang Mai and Singapore: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Chiang Mai based travelers will be pleased to know that part of the airline's core business strategy is to apply stringent cost controls throughout its operations in order to keep costs low for travelers.

The arriving passengers were greeted at Chiang Mai International Airport lounge by TAT Region One Director, Mr Junnapong and his assistant, Miss Panupan. With warm welcoming smiles, each passenger received the gift of a wooden jewelry box, and had jasmine leis draped around their necks by a bevy of local beauties. The local beauties dressed in colorful Lanna costumes were representatives of The Northern Village in the Robinson Airport Plaza located near the airport.

Half of the passengers, on this Tiger Airways flight, were making their first visit to Chiang Mai; the remainder were taking advantage of Tiger's low air fare flight to revisit the city.

To book your flight today go on-line to their website www.tigerairways.com.

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