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To Arms, Part 4

Last month's issue featured a selection of Shooting Weapons, as well as some of the ancient aerial devices of weaponry those which were either sent aloft or came down from above on top of aggressor's heads which are mentioned in Siamese records. This month we show you more ancient shooting weapons, as well as the weapons used for defense:

Shooting Weapons

Puen Puen : These cannons and explosive devices used gunpowder made from potassium nitrate extracted from bat droppings found in limestone caves around Saraburi and Lopburi. Light cannons (swivel guns) were mounted on elephant back.
Gruad Khua Gruad Khua/Zai Khua (Super hot rock and sand) : Similar to Nammun Deud, but instead of boiled oil, heated rocks or sand was cascaded down upon enemy heads. The threat of such horrific weapons could dissuade an enemy from climbing a city wall, so they often retaliated with a starvation siege as a way to crack a city's resistance.
Nammun Deud Nammun Deud (boiled vegetable oil): Would be poured from the hight city wall over the enemies.

Defensive Weapons

Loh Loh: This round piece of armor was carried in the hand or worn on the forearm to ward off blows or missiles. A soldier would use Loh on his left hand and a Darb on the right hand
Dhung Dhung: This rectangular shield measured 15x100 cms. and was designed with one handle for a soldier's left hand. Its shape is not flat but curved. It was made from thick leather, rattan and wood.
Khen Khen: This flat shield measured about 15x100 cms. and was made of metal and leather.
Saylo Saylo: This large shield covered and protected soldiers during strategy work such as building and digging.

roah: This armor was usually used to protect the entire body.



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