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Sundays at Wiang Goom Gaam Ancient City

ProcesionActivities on every Sunday until April 6, 2003. Activities include several village markets for food such as sticky rice, grilled meats, etc. Shopping for handicrafts. There are several cultural presentations of folk dancing and folk music.

The main events are extravaganzas of colorful costumes, dancing, music, singing and acting around 5.00 pm Sunday evenings.

Wat Goo Come, or Wat Jedee Liam was built by King Mengrai at the site of Wiang Goom Gaam, located just outside the city of Chiangmai on the road to Lumpoon. To get there, turn right at the starting point for the number two yellow bus, 200 meters after the Mae Ping Police Station on Lumpoon Road.

Schedule of Events

February 16 Propiation to King Mengrai
February 23 Floral Worship of the Relic of the Buddha
March 2 Grand Assembly of Arts and Hanidcrafts
March 9 Follow the City-building trends of Wiang Kum Kam
March 16 Sword Dances in the Moonlight
March 23 Color of the Dream of Kum Kam
March 30 Sacred Customs and Culture

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